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  • Seafood soup with aioli

    Yummie yummie, this soup is a must-try! If you're a fan of seafood or soup, you're going to love this easy recipe!

    • 30 min
    • 755 kcal
  • Cold smoked salmon salad

    This smoked salmon salad is not only delicious, but it's the perfect way to top off a warm summer’s day – cool. Summer, please arrives! 

    • 30 min
    • 443 kcal
  • Pasta beef and peppers

    This beef and bell peppers pasta is one of our high-protein recipes that will help you get healthier and build muscle.

    • 30 min
    • 565 kcal
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Sit back, relax and let us guide you through the basics of nutrition in this series of short videos.

Episode 1: All you need to know
 about nutrition

Learn about macro- and micro nutrients: the core ingredients of nutrition.

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