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Food for Thought: Nutrition and Mental Health

The saying “you are what you eat” extends beyond your body. Find out how nutrition can affect your mood and brain functions.

Meet Lifesum's Health Advisory Board members Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman, MD.

Lifesum welcomes Dr. Pulde and Dr. Lederman to the Health Advisory Board to leverage their use of nutrition to improve health and wellness.

Why you need to drink more water and how to do it

Ever ask yourself, "how much water do I need to drink?" Read on to learn how the Lifesum app helps you drink enough water every day.

How to build healthy habits eating fruits and vegetables

The Lifesum app is effective in helping you lose weight, eat healthy, and build muscle. Find out how the app helps you boost your nutrition as well.

Dieting: foods, meals and recipes

Simplify dieting with healthy recipes, meal plans, and nutritional guidance with the Lifesum app.

How healthy is your diet, really?

Calories aren't the only measurement of how healthy your food is. Discover how to make more nutritious food choices with Lifesum's food rating tool.

3 tips you need to know when working out

Did you know you can be working out consistently and still not get the results you want? Here are 3 tips to switch things up to get better results.

5 easy brunch recipes that taste great

What do you whip up for brunch when you’re trying to stay healthy? These 5 recipes are simple to make and will wow you and your friends.

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