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Why meal plans are great for losing weight

Eating healthy can be a daunting challenge when you're starting out. Find out how and why Lifesum's Meal Plans make healthy eating easier.

High-protein intake and its effect on kidney function

Could your high-protein intake be damaging your kidneys? Check out the latest research on the effects of a high-protein diet on your kidney function.

Balancing Carb Control With A Social Life

Carbs are everywhere and are often found in fan-favorite foods and drinks. Read on to learn how to moderate your carb intake for better health.

6 Tips To Help You Get Back on Track

The season of indulgence and overeating is over and the only thing you can think about now is how to get back into shape? Whether you’ve been ins…

Comforting Mediterranean Shawarma

Our favorite foods are foods that feel like an indulgence without being unhealthy. Shawarma is one of them. Try it for dinner (2 servings, per se…

Best Meatless Protein Sources

If you’re a vegetarian, or just cutting back on meat, getting plenty of protein is key. Check out these meatless protein options, they will make

7 High Protein Snacks Under 200 Calories

These are perfect post-workout snacks, all vegetarian, and require little-to-no prep. Win win win! — 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds Protein: 3 g Cals: 71

8 Tips on How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Making new years resolutions is easy – but sticking to them not as simple. Many people tend to stick to their new years resolutions for about 2 w…

Dos and don’ts of dieting with your partner

1. Don’t get too competitive Let’s start here. Different people lose weight at different rates, and react differently to different foods. You and…

Success story: Bruce & Rachel

Recently we’ve been asking some of our users that reached their goals to tell their story on how they did it. We wanted to learn how they made th…

How to break the “Weekend health fail” habit

  Unfortunately, weekend is the time when most people fail their health and fitness goals. We are going to say this once: It’s ok to celebrate du…

Cauliflower Bun Burgers – No Carb Recipe

Who even needs bread for a burger when you can make your own with cauliflower? This stuff is genius, so you can thank us in advance. What you nee…

How I became healthier and stronger

Lack of motivation? Get inspired by a story of Svein-Erik from Norway! About me… My name is Svein-Erik and I am 36 years old. I live in Norway. I…

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