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When we shift towards self-love, we attract what supports our well-being. Learn how to find peace in your path: live and love with Lifesum.

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When we put constant pressure on ourselves to be or do something, it’s easy to end up feeling frustrated or even like a failure. But when we start to shift towards self-love and appreciation as we are, we attract what supports our well-being. Learn how to find peace in your path: live and love with Lifesum.

What is self-love? 

Self-love, or self-compassion, is defined as a regard for one’s well-being and happiness. (1) Self-love is not as simple as having a specific relationship or repeating a certain mantra. It’s being appreciative of oneself by taking actions that support our physical, mental, and spiritual growth. 

When we give ourselves what our bodies, brains, and souls need, we thrive! Self-love has been shown to decrease overall stress levels, helping improve our overall health and keeping us motivated to do the things we live for. (1)

Self-love campaign 

Since self-love is an integral part of a healthy life, Lifesum created a campaign called “Live, Love, Lifesum.” We created a self-love script to help guide everyone towards uplifting ourselves and everyone around us! Here, we’ll break down what each section means to us. We hope it resonates with you.

My health. My terms.

Your body is unique, and so are your health and wellness needs. When it comes to your health and wellness, it should be based on how certain foods or activities make you feel rather than what other people tell you. For instance, maybe you prefer to follow a plant-based diet while others don’t. You decide and make your terms in the Lifesum app!

Health is about freedom of choice. Not one-size-fits-all.

Rather than comparing yourself to others, focus on what works for your body. Just like everyone has a different shoe size, the same goes for what works for your body. Maybe you feel energized by an intermittent fasting plan and skipping breakfast, or maybe it makes you feel faint and cranky and you prefer eating balanced meals throughout the day. Find freedom in your choice. 

It’s about how I see myself. Not how others see me.

Other people's thoughts are not what matters the most; it’s all about how you see yourself - and that you do what matters for you. It’s important to remember to be kind and avoid belittling thoughts about yourself. It can result in increased anxiety and even certain illnesses. (2) Think about how great you are for being you. Naturally, you’ll attract good things that come your way!

It’s not about a number on a scale. It’s about how I feel.

The scale isn’t a judge of how healthy you are. Weight can fluctuate depending on many factors, such as what you ate or drank the previous day, if you exercised, or if you’re sick. Don’t let a number on a scale determine your health. How you feel is the best way to gauge your health. 

It’s not about what I can’t have. But what I can do.

Put your focus on what you need rather than what you want. Sometimes shying away from something that feels good in the moment will keep you strong and moving towards your longer-term goals. Focus on what you can have and how you want to feel in the long term.

It’s about me putting my well-being above everything else.

Without our wellbeing, we struggle. Of course, there’s a time and place to help others, but it can be very challenging to help others without filling our cups first. Find the time to decompress and do the things that help you recharge. For instance, prioritizing time to take a quick walk outside just for you and your wellbeing has been shown to increase happy brain chemicals. (3)

I do this to be the healthiest version of myself. Every. Single. Day.

Repeat this last bit to yourself. Because you deserve it, and you are worth it. Strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures - it’s all part of your journey. And we’re honored to be a part of it! 

To live.

To love.

To achieve it all... 

With Lifesum.

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