Eat the right foods, work out regularly, and practice these wellness exercises to live a healthier lifestyle and boost your mental health.

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Caring for yourself through food: how nutrition plays a role in self-care

Discover how incorporating different aspects of nutrition can aid in self-care, and see if you can incorporate them into your daily routine.

Finding your why is more important than finding your how

How you go about losing weight and getting healthier is important, but you need to find your why. Discover how to pinpoint your why for better health.

How to build healthy habits eating fruits and vegetables

The Lifesum app is effective in helping you lose weight, eat healthy, and build muscle. Find out how the app helps you boost your nutrition as well.

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Can You Improve Sleep by Physical Activity?

I have previously written about the importance of sleep here and here Since sleep has numerous beneficial effects, it is a good idea to employ di…

5 Surprising Things That Could be Stressing you out

1. Major life changes Positive or negative, big changes in life can easily become a source of stress. It’s important to be able to identify when

10 New Things to Try in the New Year

1. Camping  If you’ve yet to go, grab a few of your friends (at least one who knows what they’re doing), and spend a weekend honing some survival…

6 totally legitimate ways to unwind this weekend

1. Do some exercises Hear me out. I know it’s exercise, but if you do something that helps you to chill out but is exercise then you won’t feel b…

6 Easy Ways to Look and Feel Better

1. Fruit and veg Fruit and vegetables are great sources of fiber, natural sugar and starch, and a whole host of vitamins and nutrients the body n…

6 Small Changes you can Make Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

There’s a theory within behavioral psychology known as nudge theory. It’s the idea that by altering, in some subtle way, your environment, you’ll…

But First, Coffee – The Case For A Slow Morning

Is breakfast still the most important meal of the day?…

5 Ways Friendship Boosts your Health

1 – They help you live longer A study in 2010 showed that good social ties have twice as much power as good exercise when it comes to lengthening…

5 practical ways to make mornings better

1. Do not underestimate comfort Ever had one of those mornings where you mentally fight yourself on getting out of bed for a good long while beca…

5 Ways Music Affects Your Brain

1. It makes you feel good  We might as well start with most obvious right? The way you can’t help but smile, or instantly start tapping your feet…

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