The Healthy Way to Gain Weight

Weight gain requires additional calories; junk food will give you the numbers, but it won't give you the nutrition. Learn to bulk up the healthy way.

Gaining weight can be as tough as losing weight. Be aware of the foods you choose when you’re building muscle or adding more mass to your body. Don’t turn to junk food when you want to add calories to your diet. You need to eat healthily when you’re trying to gain weight, and many foods can help you achieve that goal.

Nutrient-Rich Foods That Help You Gain Weight But Are Still Healthy

Dense foods packed with nutrients can set you up for weight-gain success. Look for foods that give you protein, carbohydrates, or healthy fat in a small serving. As long as you stay away from too much sugar, calorie-dense foods can help you gain body mass. Try eating a snack such as dried fruits. You’ll get the same nutrients from dried fruits as you would from fresh fruit sources. Look for options that don’t come with added preservatives or sugar.

Likewise, adding healthy fats and oils can boost your daily calorie intake. You can easily incorporate olive oil into a variety of dishes. You’ll get close to 120 calories from 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and you can blend some olive oil into mashed potatoes or oatmeal for a calorie boost.

Snack on Foods That Can Help You Gain Weight Intelligently

You may think you eat all the time, but when you keep a food diary, you may discover something surprising. If you realize you’re not eating enough quality foods during the day, add some healthy snacks into your diet. Of course, stick to healthier options, and aim to include multiple food groups with each snack. Instead of grabbing a banana and going out the door, put slices of banana on whole-grain toast and top with peanut butter. Add a glass of milk on the side.

For an easy-to-eat snack when you’re constantly on the go, think trail mix. This high-calorie snack melds together tasty, nutrient-rich foods such as nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. You can add some dark chocolate chips for a sweeter touch. When thinking about foods, gaining weight, and your lifestyle, you’ll want to make your selections in a healthy, mindful way.

What You Drink Is Key to a Weight-Gain Diet

Since liquids don’t fill you up as much as solid foods, they’re an easy way to boost your nutrition without feeling stuffed. Drinking calories is also a good option if you find that you don’t have an appetite for extra snacks between meals. Go for drinks such as fruit juice (the 100 percent juice variety), skim milk, and smoothies.

You can mix many nutrient-dense foods into smoothies for a delicious, healthy, and rich snack. Add some vanilla yogurt or whole milk with your favorite fruits, such as bananas. Add a drizzle of some olive oil over fresh vegetables for an extra calorie boost.

You want stick to healthy food options, even when your goal is to gain weight. Many foods and drinks can help you stay on track with your weight-gain objectives while still maintaining your health.

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