Healthy eating doesn't need to be difficult nor bland. Here are our nutritionists' best methods and recipes for eating healthier.

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Plant-Based Milk Buyer’s Guide: The Pros and Cons

Are milk alternatives really better than cow’s milk? Learn what to look for when choosing plant-based milks.

Food for Thought: Nutrition and Mental Health

The saying “you are what you eat” extends beyond your body. Find out how nutrition can affect your mood and brain functions.

Meet Lifesum’s Health Advisory Board: Andrew Zimmermann

We recently announced our Health Advisory Board which is tasked with helping us remain innovative while providing additional expertise...

Nutrient-rich, Upgraded Sides for the Christmas Table

Bored of your traditional sides? Want to impress at a party? Try one of these Christmas dishes this year.

Does Your Palate Change Over Time?

Read on to learn more about why it happens and how it affects your nutritional choices.

How to Meal Prep

Stopping by the drive-through or grabbing take-out again? Support your health goals and make your life a bit easier by meal prepping intead!

Simple Guide: How to Build Your Perfect Plate

Find out what and how much of each food group to include to make your plate perfect.

Do brain supplements help memory and focus?

Are brain supplements safe and do they actually work? Our experts break down some common types of cognitive enhancers and what the science says.

Is There Really a Big Difference between Dark and Milk Chocolate?

Just in time for Halloween, we’ll explore the differences between dark and milk chocolate and unwrap the pros and cons of each.

Why Macros Matter

Discovering your ideal ratio of macronutrients can help you enhance wellness and health. Learn the role of each macronutrient and why they matter.

What to Order When You’re on Different Diets

Sometimes you just need to grab food quickly. Learn what to order at popular restaurants when following the keto, Scandinavian, or high-protein diet.

Family Tree of Foods

Like a family, some plants have relatives with similar features. Learn about vegetables from the same plant and why they are perfect for your health.

How to Make Food a Part of Your Marathon Training

Nutrition is necessary for fueling your runs. Learn what food and drinks to have when, to enhance your marathon training.

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