Healthy Weight Gain

For some people, weight gain can be as tough as weight loss. No matter if you want to gain muscle or just more body mass, we offer a variety of diets for healthy weight gain.

When chosing a weight gain diet, it’s important to consider your goal. If muscle building is what you’re aiming for, a protein rich diet has plenty of benefits for you. If you want to gain weight for other reasons, there are many tricks and foods to help gain weight.

The Lifesum app offers:

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Calories to gain weight

To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you consume. Women burn, on average, 2000kcal per day and men 2500kcal. A typical weight gain diet adds about 500kcal on top of that. If you are very active, you need to consume even more. For people who want to build muscle and therefore gain weight, a 500kcal surplus is not always necessary. Aim for around 250kcal more than you burn for lean gains.

Best foods to gain weight

If you struggle to gain weight, you’ll want to aim for foods that stimulate appetite. Typically, a mix of carbs and fat will achieve that. Another way to make sure you eat enough calories is to consume liquid calories. That means smoothies, juices, milk, protein shakes, or other drinks.

Although soda contains a lot of calories, we recommend you to avoid soda due to it’s high sugar content. Healthy weight gain still means you keep your blood sugar stable.

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