Diet Plans and Dates: Balancing Weight Loss and Your Love Life

Dieting on your own is hard enough, but things get even more complicated when you factor in romance. After all, it’s hard to resist when your significant other surprises you with a pint of your favorite ice cream or your latest Tinder match suggests meeting up for coffee and doughnuts.

However, you can still meet your weight loss goals regardless of the state of your love life. Whether you’re single and loving it, or in a committed relationship, here are some ideas to help you find the right balance between romance and dieting.

Dating While Losing Weight

Between going out for drinks to meet new people and going out on dinner dates, it’s all too easy to lose sight of your weight loss goals during the excitement of dating. But there are a couple of things you can do to keep yourself on track for success.

Start Now

First and foremost, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to lose weight before you begin dating. If you wait until you reach your goal weight before entering the dating world, you may end up waiting for a very long time. People will be interested in you whether or not you’re a size two because you are a unique and wonderful individual.

However, if you have weight loss goals, that doesn’t mean you should abandon them.

Dating and dieting are both ongoing processes that you can work on simultaneously, and there’s no better time to start than right now. If you aren’t sure where to start, Lifesum has different diet plans that can help guide you on a healthy weight loss journey. And even if you aren’t ready to commit to the person you’re dating, be sure to commit to your diet.

Stick to Your Diet Plan

Once you’ve picked your diet plan, you have to stick to it in order to see results. Going on dates typically involves a lot of dining out, making that harder to do. Account for your dates in your diet plan. If you know you’re going on to dinner on Thursday evening, be sure to eat an extra healthy breakfast and lunch. In addition, make a healthy choice at the restaurant. The meal may not be as strict as what you can make at home, but you shouldn’t completely derail your diet because of that.

Incorporate Fitness

It can be hard to stay active when you’re single, but for an extra workout, try incorporating fitness into your dating life. Instead of meeting someone for a cup of coffee, ask them to go on a walk with you. You still have the chance to talk and get to know them, but instead of drinking a sugary coffee, you can burn some bonus calories.

Dieting While in a Relationship

Research has shown that people who are in relationships tend to gain more weight than those who are single, despite healthier eating habits from non-singles. The weight difference is small, and studies haven’t agreed on a single cause. The most likely culprit? You no longer have to worry about attracting someone, and as you grow more comfortable in your relationship, you put less effort into your appearance.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with a little relationship weight! However, if that doesn’t align with your fitness goals, you may be looking to lose it.

Dieting on Your Own

It’s hard to stick to a diet plan when your significant other won’t join you, especially if you live, shop, and cook together. With a little planning and a lot of communication, both your diet and your relationship will be just fine. Here are a few tips for dieting alone while you’re in a relationship:

  • Don’t force your partner to join you. It’s fine to ask them, but if they say no, respect their choice. Instead, ask if they would be open to trying new recipes with you or heading to the gym with you every so often. By offering to include them, they can still be involved with and supportive of your efforts.
  • Get support from other people. Ask a close friend or family member to join you. It’s okay to reach out for the encouragement you need. In-person support groups, online communities, and even Lifesum’s apps provide support for weight loss journeys.
  • Talk about it ahead of time. Mealtime will likely be different, and you may have to cook individual meals entirely, so be open about it. Ask for their support because this is an important decision for your health.

Even if they won’t do keto or go vegan with you, your significant other can be a source of support while you’re dieting. They don’t need to join you for your diet to be successful!

Dieting with Your Significant Other

We all know that exercising with a partner can improve your workout, but did you know that dieting with a partner can help with weight loss? They can provide emotional support and help with accountability.

And though it sounds counter-intuitive, dieting with your significant other may even be more difficult than dieting on your own. They may not be the best diet buddy for you, depending on what your needs are. Think about if you really want your partner hounding you about skipping the gym after work or for adding an extra cheat meal to your week, and if you want to do the same for them. It can work, but be sure to communicate openly and honestly about each other’s needs, goals, and journey. Keep the following in mind if you choose to diet with your significant other:

  • Set goals individually and together. You likely have different health needs, so your diet plans may not be the same. Communicate about and account for these differences before you get stated.
  • Make it a competition. For example, whoever goes to the gym less that week has to cook dinner and clean up at the end of the week. Don’t get too competitive, though! Dieting is a sensitive subject for many people and you don’t want to accidentally hurt your partner’s feelings.
  • Stay positive and loving. Don’t get mad at them if they break your diet or decide to call it quits. You would want them to still be supportive of your efforts if the roles were reversed.

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