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The Ketogenic Diet (available in Light or Strict) is the best diet to lose weight fast without hunger. You’ll eat high quality protein and fat, but no carbs at all.

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is when you eat no carbs at all and get most of your calories from fat. Things you’ll eat include cheese, salmon, butter, olive oil, eggs, meat, fish and high fat dairy. When limiting your carb intake to max. 50g per day, your body ends up in a stage called ketosis where it uses its fat storage as fuel.

How does a keto diet help me lose weight?

There are three major components that makes a keto diet excellent for weight loss. Reduced hunger, simplicity, and improved metabolism. When you reduce your carb intake, hunger decreases and you’ll eat less without thinking about it. When you combine only fat and protein in a meal, it’s almost impossible to overeat, and as there is only one rule to stick to – No carbs – it’s also a super simple approach. Ketosis means your body uses its fat storage for energy and by consequence, your ability to burn fat will increase too!

How does a keto diet make me healthier?

The ketogenic diet gives you a super stable blood sugar, which lowers blood pressure and prevents heart disease. According to research, keto diets can also improve mental clarity & memory.

Do I need an app to go keto?

You don’t need an app to eat ketogenic foods, but staying within the right range of carbs is hard unless you track it. An app is the best way to track your carbs and make sure you stay in ketosis! Lifesum offers a carb-tracker tool, ketogenic recipes for all occasions and advices to keep you going.

Lifesum diet plansDifferent versions of ketogenic diets in our app

Our keto diet is available in three versions: Easy, Medium & Strict. Easy is a good choice when you want your body to adapt to a keto diet, or after a longer time of ketosis when wanting to slowly include carbs again. Medium and Strict speeds up your weight loss like nothing else.

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