Hitting the Wall

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“Hitting the wall” is that well-known and unwanted phenomenon in a marathon where the body runs out of efficient energy substrates, carbohydrates, to maintain a desired and planned running pace. Unfortunately, at higher or more intense running speeds, there are no real physiological or practical ways to prevent this from happening, it will occur sooner or later. The reason for this is due to carbohydrates and their physiological limitations in terms of availability during performance. With a good three-piece plan in hand (carb-loading, fluids and fuel/nutrition), you have the power to change this significantly, and factors which can influence this change are as follows: 

1) how good these plans are, 2) to what extent these plans are followed through on, and 3) how well and reasonably adapted the running pace is to the current aerobic capacity in the first place.

This article is especially for those runners who train at an advanced level and want deeper facts and takeaways regarding nutrition/fuel plans in the course of prolonged running, like marathons.

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