Let’s Talk Fluids!

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The vast majority of the metabolic processes inside the body are dependent on a simple chemical substance with one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, this is the H20 molecule, or simply put – water. Even though the human body already contains around 60% water and has its own ability to synthesize some of it from processing macronutrients (sources of hydrogen) and inhaling air (source of oxygen) – it’s still necessary to ingest a proper amount of water every single day to function properly.
You may have heard general guidelines to ingest something like 2 litres of water every day from liquids and food as an adult, but if we add environmental factors and/or energy-demanding work such as running into this equation, we all know that will change quite dramatically. Here’s why and how to think about fluids as a marathon runner. 

This article is especially for those who train at an advanced level and want deeper facts about nutrition and running.

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