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3 tips you need to know when working out

Did you know you can be working out consistently and still not get the results you want? Here are 3 tips to switch things up to get better results.

Finding your why is more important than finding your how

How you go about losing weight and getting healthier is important, but you need to find your why. Discover how to pinpoint your why for better health.

How to deal with nerves at the gym

Are you self conscious at the gym? Here are a few quick tips to help you feel a little less nervous and uncomfortable at the gym.

What is ‘Flex’ Class Really? | The Girl Who Hates Working Out

Friskis & Svettis (my gym, chosen because they let me pay per workout – the name means healthy and sweaty) describes Flex as “Athletic and fo…

6 workouts you should try in 2020

1. Aerial yoga We know it sounds crazy but hanging upside down in a cloudless off ropes and stretching and twisting is exciting, exhausting, and

Can You Improve Sleep by Physical Activity?

I have previously written about the importance of sleep here and here Since sleep has numerous beneficial effects, it is a good idea to employ di…

Top Nutrition Tips for Running

Macronutrients (macros) Macros are the building blocks in our diet, consisting of carbohydrates (carbs), protein and fat. By consuming the right

5 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Exercise

You guessed it: Motivation. The mini Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit) in each of us. Motivation is key to the success of just about any health…

Could This Be The Workout Motivation You’ve Always Needed?

Hint: No, we’re not talking about thigh gaps and thinspo At the beginning of the year I set a goal. It was a goal that was mocked by a few, but i…

6 Tips To Help You Get Back on Track

The season of indulgence and overeating is over and the only thing you can think about now is how to get back into shape? Whether you’ve been ins…

5 Non-Traditional Workouts with Joselynne Boschen

Alpha Sports founder Joselynne Boschen is Lifesum ambassador and a Nike Master Trainer. Check out her non-traditional workout ideas below! Hit Up…

5 Nudges to Help You Toward a Healthier Lifestyle IV

You had two choices, A: go to the gym and workout or, B: watch a series on the couch. After a quick battle in your brain, choice B won. What will…

Can Beetroot Improve Your Speed?

Why beetroot? Beetroots, in a concentrated form, are sometimes consumed before training to enhance theperformance for endurance and high-intensit…

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