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The Afterburn: How the Body Burns Calories After a Workout

Did you know you burn calories after a workout, not just during it? Let's take a closer look at how the body burns calories after exercising.

3 tips you need to know when working out

Did you know you can be working out consistently and still not get the results you want? Here are 3 tips to switch things up to get better results.

Finding your why is more important than finding your how

How you go about losing weight and getting healthier is important, but you need to find your why. Discover how to pinpoint your why for better health.

Let’s Talk Fluids!

This article is especially for those who train at an advanced level and want more information about nutrition and running.

Micros to Have in Mind When Endurance Training

Micronutrients (micros) are vitamins and minerals that are required by the body in very small amounts and don’t provide any energy. 

Carb-loading: Tips for Marathon runners

This article is aimed especially at those who train at an advanced level and want more information about nutrition and running.

Hitting the Wall

This article is especially for those runners who train at an advanced level and want to develop fuel plans for prolonged running, like marathons.

Why post-workout recovery is important

Nutrition is vital for recovery, so what should you eat, drink, and do post-run?

Importance of carbs when running

When it comes to fueling the body, carbs are important macronutrients.

Top Nutrition Tips for Running

Looking for the best nutrition tips for running? Here, you’ll find all the tips you need to get started, from Lifesum's expert nutritionists.

Plant-based nutrition for endurance training

Eating more plant-based foods may not only be beneficial for the environment, but also for your overall health.

Can Beetroot Improve Your Speed?

We absolutely love beets, not only for their amazing color and taste but because they provide a direct nutritional boost.

Macros for runners

Ever heard someone talking about their macro set-up? Runners (and all athletes) have a lot to gain by examining their macro intake.

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