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What People Get Wrong about Nutrition

Learn what people get wrong about nutrition and the truth about common misconceptions.

Food for Thought: Nutrition and Mental Health

The saying “you are what you eat” extends beyond your body. Find out how nutrition can affect your mood and brain functions.

Meet Lifesum’s Health Advisory Board: Andrew Zimmermann

We recently announced our Health Advisory Board which is tasked with helping us remain innovative while providing additional expertise...

5 easy tips to eat less ultra-processed foods

Make healthier eating work for you with these five easy tips to eat less ultra-processed foods.

All you need to know about ultra-processed foods

Learn what defines an ultra-processed food and why too much is bad for us.

Functional health - Boost your meals for better health

Find out how adding a functional ingredient or two can boost your meals for better health.

Benefits of a High Protein Diet for Losing Fat

Learn what a high protein diet is, how it helps with fat loss, and benefits of some high protein foods.

How Does Alcohol Impact Your Mental Health?

Although alcohol is normal in many cultures, it’s still a depressive drug that can have negative effects on mental health when consumed in excess.

The Mindful Grocery Shopping Experience: Choosing Foods with Intention

Make your grocery shopping experience a mindful one and learn how to choose foods with intention and alignment with your goals.

Navigating the Thanksgiving Plate by Diet

To boost your confidence going into your Thanksgiving meetups, we collected some plate picks for common eating plans.

Your Ultimate Guide to Healthier Menu Options at Top Food Chains

Eating out doesn't have to be difficult if you’re following a specific diet. We collected some menu items and tips for some of the top food chains.

How to hit your macro split on a plant-based diet

Enough protein on a plant-based lifestyle? You can easily hit healthy macro levels while eating more nutritious plants.

Optimize Your Body and Mind: Unlocking the Stages of Intermittent Fasting

Unveil the transformative stages of intermittent fasting, a non-diet method for weight loss and improved health.

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