Your health is more than just your diet. Learn all about living a healthier life and the simple steps to take to achieve your goals.

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What People Get Wrong about Nutrition

Learn what people get wrong about nutrition and the truth about common misconceptions.

Food for Thought: Nutrition and Mental Health

The saying “you are what you eat” extends beyond your body. Find out how nutrition can affect your mood and brain functions.

Meet Lifesum’s Health Advisory Board: Andrew Zimmermann

We recently announced our Health Advisory Board which is tasked with helping us remain innovative while providing additional expertise...

Optimize Your Body and Mind: Unlocking the Stages of Intermittent Fasting

Unveil the transformative stages of intermittent fasting, a non-diet method for weight loss and improved health.

Does Your Palate Change Over Time?

Read on to learn more about why it happens and how it affects your nutritional choices.

Cooking as a way to manage stress

If you’ve ever felt like cooking is therapeutic, that’s because it is. The benefits of cooking go beyond helping you take charge of your nutrition.

How to Meal Prep

Stopping by the drive-through or grabbing take-out again? Support your health goals and make your life a bit easier by meal prepping intead!

How to be more mindful when it comes to food and nutrition

When we adapt a more mindful approach to food, we naturally become healthier. Learn how to be more mindful when it comes to food and nutrition.

What to eat for strength training

Fueling your body the right way can maximize your strength gains. Learn what and when to eat to get the most out of your strength training routine.

Simple Guide: How to Build Your Perfect Plate

Find out what and how much of each food group to include to make your plate perfect.

How to fuel for endurance training

Revving up for a long bike ride or an ultra-endurance competition? See how far you can go by finding the best ways to fuel for endurance training.

Always tired? Try these 3 things

Go from feeling tired all the time to endless energy levels by trying simple things like getting better sleep, improving your diet, and moving more.

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