Why You Need to Drink More Water and How to Do It

Ever ask yourself, "how much water do I need to drink?" Read on to learn how the Lifesum app helps you drink enough water every day.

Person holding a water bottle outdoors after workout

You’ve probably asked the question; how much water do I need to drink? While 8 glasses of 8 ounces is a good general rule, the truth is, it depends on what your goal is.

If you’re trying to lose more weight, some studies have shown that people burn around 96 calories more a day when they drink around 2 liters of water; but if you’ve found yourself lacking focus, then your goal might be to improve concentration and mood, in which case you’ll want to limit your fluid loss post exercise and drink more to make up for sweat lost. 

So how do you keep track of what you drink?

There are a number of different ways; you can count glasses drunk each day, label a water bottle, or even use a print out. The thing is that there is a fundamental flaw in this tracking method; it still relies on you to remember.

With Lifesum, you can simply activate the water tracker and you’ll get reminders and push notifications every few hours to drink water. The tracker is handily located in the bottom of the diary page in the app, so you simply tap a glass or bottle every time you’ve had some water to drink.

If you’re a smart watch or Apple Watch user, you can even receive notifications straight to your watch. No dehydration here!

How to drink more water

Once you’ve activated the tracker in the app, the main question is how to actively get more water into your day. Here are just a few quick tips:

  • Have a glass right when you wake up
  • Drink a glass before and after every meal
  • Always carry a water bottle
  • Swap sodas for seltzer waters
  • Flavor your water with fruit to make it more refreshing and appetizing (we love adding cucumber, lemon, and berries)
  • Drink a glass before and after every workout

One more tip!

The water tracker isn’t the only tracker Lifesum has to offer. You can also track fruit and veg intake, sugar intake, and red meat intake, so that you can cut back on the less healthy things and eat more of the health-boosting foods!

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