Track Macros with Lifesum’s App

Macro tracking ensures you get the right energy composition to reach your goals. Use Lifesum’s macro tracker…

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Macro tracking ensures you get the right energy composition to reach your goals. Use Lifesum’s macro tracker to perform better, get more energy, improve body composition and improve your health.

Lifesum macro trackingWhat are macros and macro tracking?

Macronutrients are the large food groups which provides energy to maintain body functions.

There are three groups: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein. In other words, tracking macros refers to the ratio between those three major energy groups. Lifesum offers a macro calculator which enables you to discover what ratio suits you best.


Protein is the body’s building block that help you build muscle. It’s an essential source of energy which catalyzes metabolic reactions and makes the DNA replication work.

Protein requires more energy to digest than other nutrients, making high-protein diets excellent food plans for both weight loss and muscle building. Foods rich in protein include fish, meat, chicken, eggs, beans and tofu.

As a standard recommendation, about 20% of your daily energy intake should come from protein, but high protein diets typically consist of 30% protein.


Consuming fat is vital for our hormone production and metabolism, and is the main energy source used while at rest. For an optimized health, you should aim for unsaturated fat sources such as avocado, olive oil and nuts.

Your daily fat consumption should account for about 30% of your energy intake, but in low carb plans the fat ratio increases to cover one’s energy needs.


Carbs are the body’s primary source of energy. Healthy, complex carbs fuel the brain and are good for your health.

Even though low carb diet plans are very efficient for weight loss, it’s not necessary to cut carbs to lose weight. Focus on complex carbs like whole grains, veggies, beans, and fruit and avoid sugar, sweets, white pasta and bread.

In a traditional and healthy diet, carbs make up about 50% of the total energy intake, but for someone with a low daily activity level, 50% isn’t always necessary. The more active you are, the more carbohydrates you need to energize your body.

Why should I be tracking macros?

Your body needs a certain amount of protein, fat and carbs to function properly. Depending on your lifestyle, the amounts vary. By tracking your macros, you make sure you fuel your body with the right type of energy to perform, have energy throughout the day, build muscle and maintain hormonal balance. In other words, no matter what goal you have, it’s important to eat within the right macro ratio to be healthy. Simplify your macro tracking with Lifesum’s great in-app meal plan. The Lifesum app is available for both iPhone and Android and even offers a free version.

Lifesum diet plansHow do I track macros?

Food packages contain the nutritional information you need to calculate your daily macros, but a more efficient way to keep track of your intake is by simply logging your food in an app. Lifesum is a top rated health app in the App Store and Google Play which calculates macros automatically.

Depending on which of the 10 diets you choose, the macro ratio will vary. If you want to build strength and choose our high protein diet, your fat and carb intake will shift down to fit in the extra calories from protein. You can also set your macro ratio manually if you already know what fits you best! Remember, all calories you consume come from macronutrients. To learn more about calories, read about our In-app calorie counter.

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