Rosanna lost 30 kg after her scale showed a 3-digit number

That’s me… I’m Rosanna, 25 years old and living in Sweden. My life… I work at a gas station where there’s plenty of junk food and candy to be tem…

That’s me...

I’m Rosanna, 25 years old and living in Sweden.

My life…

I work at a gas station where there’s plenty of junk food and candy to be tempted by. I’ve always been a little overweight, but after moving away from home I started eating a lot of junk food rather than healthy food. This changed my body and I didn’t like it. I couldn’t believe I had let it go that far. The scale showed a 3-digit number. When I wanted to get some new clothes, nothing fit me. I don’t know how many times I tried clothes and started to cry because nothing was the right size. My confidence was really low and I felt really bad about my body.

When I found Lifesum…

It was my best decision ever to start counting calories. I was dropping kilos like never before! And the best part was that I could eat everything, I just had to plan what I ate.

I thought differently…

I put up milestones so I could concentrate on them instead of the final goal. The goal just felt so far away. Later, when kilos disappeared, it was easier to exercise. I started walking a lot more and even worked out at the gym. Now I’ve started running, which I had never been able to do before!

The best thing about my weight loss…

I lost 30 kg (4 stone 10 lbs/ 66 lbs) in 7 months and have only 13 kg (2 stone 1/2 lbs/ 28 lbs) to go until I reach my weight goal.

All my clothes are too big and the things that makes me even happier is that I can use my outfits from years ago!  When I buy clothes, I no longer have to take the largest size and hope it fits. It feels so damn good! I have more energy and have been told that I’m happier now. I feel better about my body now and my confidence has grown. My family and friends are supportive and I get so much praise.

My 3 tips for you:

– Plan meals for the day. If you know what to eat during the day, it’s easier not to fall for something unhealthy.

– Don’t skip your workout. Once you have worked out it feels good and you feel more energized.

– Set up milestones so you can focus on them instead of the final goal, as it can feel far away.

 Congratulations Rosanna from the whole Lifesum team!

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