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“The best food tracking app out there” ★★★★★

“I’ve tested so many different ways to track my macros and nothing could make it as easy as this app. Lifesum checked off everything on the list. Recipe ideas, beautiful and seamless UX, great customer service when I emailed them to resolve an inquiry regarding activity tracking, and what’s best is that it’s lightweight and FUN. I even subscribed to premium because I loved the added functionality and insights but found that it’s super useful even before upgrading to premium. Would certainly recommend giving it a go!”

-Dorfamous, United States

“Love this APP Lifesum”★★★★★

“This is by far the best tracking system I’ve found to help support weight loss or to just track food.  I personally use for weight loss.  Love how I can upload pictures of the food I eat per meal.  Love the smile icon/emojis!  Great recipes!  Love the charting information too!”

-Sweetiekjo, United States

“I love this app”★★★★★

“It makes tracking food fun. I’ve used probably 3-4 food tracking apps and this is hands down my favorite. I like the simplicity, but if you dig around the app has so many features. I’ve had issues syncing with my FitBit but Lifesum has been very responsive. I love this app!”

-Bmars0409, United States

“Great features and easy to use!”★★★★★

“My daughter uses this app and loves it so I thought Id see what all the fuss was about. Ive been using this for 2 weeks and I am really impressed. My fav part is scanning bar codes and having the info instantly pop up. Saves me time and hassle. You can adjust everything, whether you want it to track 3 or 4 veggies or fruits; it is all adjustable. You can even set how many calories you need to eat. It is so versatile! I have had so much fun with this. Ive lost 10 lbs (some water weight) so far. Thanks!”

-MadRienell, United States

“Helped me lose 5kg/10lbs”★★★★★

“Lost 5kg by using this app to track what I was eating. It also helped me notice that I was consuming way too much sugar and saturated fat. So it’s helped me lose weight and now is helping me to live a more balanced life. If that doesn’t deserve 5 stars, I don’t know what does. Great app.”

-Thismayhurt, United Kingdom

“Love it”★★★★★

“I really enjoy this app. Not only is it a calorie tracker but with premium it will also help you to stick to a certain diet and count your steps for you which then automatically get subtracted from the calorie count. It has a drink reminder as well. What I think is especially useful is the smiley-rating of food. It sums up and eventually leads to a day rating. It will make you think twice if you really want to eat that chocolate bar ;)”

-Sonsi, United Kingdom

“Absolutely amazing app that helps you track intake and exercise”★★★★★

“I absolutely love this app. It helps you track your calories intake, dividing it into meals, tracks exercise, amount of water that you rink and fruit, veg and fish counter to keep you healthy. Love all the little reminders that you get if you have not eaten for some time, reminds about water as well. It then combines all this info with your step counter and gives you daily summary of what you consumed and what you have burned. It is suitable for people who want to lose weight, gain it or just stay healthy. Thank you Lifesum for making it easier for me”

-Alekso27, United Kingdom

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