Jonas’ successful fight against his extra pounds

Jonas’ success story is a brilliant example for how you can set your goals and can reach them. If you only want to. Get inspired!   About me… I a…

Jonas’ success story is a brilliant example for how you can set your goals and can reach them. If you only want to. Get inspired!


About me…

I am Jonas from Germany. I am 24 years old and working as a real estate professional. My work involves a lot of sitting at the desk. Since my childhood I have had problems with overweight. On top of it I have suffered from asthma, which has sigificantly restricted my degree of activity.

Why I decided to change my life…

My niece and my nephew – they were the motivation I needed. Both of them are very young and very active and it was very hard for me to accept that I was not able to keep pace when they were playing and romping around. A bad experience was also when I saw a video of myself when going for a swim during my holidays. When I saw that I was shocked. I could not believe what I looked like. That just could not be me! I started to ask myself how anybody could possibly want to spend time with me.

Starting the change was difficult…

In all honesty: in the beginning it was hell not to be able to eat more and very hard to eat the “right” thing. As I never learned to cook finding the right products to eat turned out to be very disillusioning at the start. But when I lost my first pounds and I taught myself cooking with the help of Youtube and other online sources it started to be fun and I just loved everything that was involved in my weight loss process.

I chose Lifesum because…

For me Lifesum was the best choice – the app is easy to use and I really like the way it looks. I think the warning of too many calories with the colour red is very effective.

The red colour makes you start to think about if you really should eat something or not. Extremely unhealthy products have a lot of calories. Before I could without a problem eat my daily recommendation of 1500 calories just during breakfast. The app made me divide food in a much better way and persuaded me to buy healthy and low-calorie food.


Since I have started to change my life I exercise a lot. In the morning I go running, in the afternoon I go swimming and in the evening I either run again or go cycling.

My goal was (and is)…

I have lost 25 kg in 5 months! Currently I weigh 90 kg and my final goal is 75 kg.


I had to change my life completely and had to accept that there will not be any return to my previous eating habits. At all. The decision to eat vegan was not an easy one either. But that decision helps me in every second to eat right and not to fall back to chocolate or vanilla milk shakes. Over the time I found alternatives for these kind of products but in the beginning it was hell on earth not being able to eat those things any longer.

This has helped me on my way…

The vegan diet and the goal to finally be able to run around with the kids again and, of course, the Lifesum app. I always knew what to eat and where to stop.

The app always let’s me know how much I can still eat. And a 2 x 2 m larger poster on the wall beside the fridge showing myself from the side has always reminded me of my goal.

The most positive about my weight loss…

I can finally move and breath better, sleep better and I am not in constant pain any longer. I feel free and most important: I feel awake. When I still was carrying around all those pounds I always felt very very sleepy.

It is all about the celebration…

I bought a custom-tailored suit for the wedding of my brother. It felt amazing to have clothes that fit perfectly.

My 3 secret tips for you…

Buy a life size poster of yourself showing yourself from the side and put it up right beside the fridge (I promise that this is VERY effective)

Don’t let others interfere too much in what you do. You think you have found your personal way to successfully lose weight? Go for it! Nobody else can comprehend how you really feel and how you should eat.

– Eat vegan. It is fun and it helps a lot as it automatically limits your diet and substitutes many things you could immediately buy at the supermarket and basically just make fat.

But most important: You are the best, you will reach your goal if you really want to and nobody can stop you!


All the best from the whole Lifesum team!



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