How to pick the right kind of workout for your lifestyle

For the business person who travels a lot: If you’re someone who’s hardly home, you need a gym that is everywhere you are. Boutique gyms offering…

We already know that the same workouts don’t work out for everybody, and every body type, but have you ever thought about the fact that you need a gym membership at a studio that actually fits your lifestyle, and not just your budget?

So what do you need? What is your lifestyle, and what kind of gym situation does that mean your need?

For the business person who travels a lot:

If you’re someone who’s hardly home, you need a gym that is everywhere you are. Boutique gyms offering varied classes at studios across the country are your best bet. You’ll never have an excuse not to work out.

For the single guy or girl with a busy and active social life:

You’re a person who likes to do everything with their friends. You work part-time in a co-working space with your friends, you take your mom to the farmer’s market and meet your friends after for yoga and brunch. Your workout needs to be something you can do with your friends as well. You don’t need a gym – you can go running with your friends, do yoga at the beach, or do some body weight exercises at the park with a friend.

For the couple with no kids and a love for the outside:

You guys take vacations to Costa Rica, own an off-Road vehicle, and spend every spare minute outside. A conventional gym won’t work for you guys, you’ll do crossfit, marathons, hikes, and wall climbing before you ever run inside on a treadmill.

For the single parent who constantly squeezing in workouts:

Classes at set times aren’t going to work for you when your priorities typically come bottom of the rung. You need on-demand workouts that you can do as and when you need them, or some hi-tech fitness equipment you can use when the kids have finally gone to bed.

For the big family with a lot of activities:

There’s a certain level of busyness where you can no longer rely upon yourself to remember to prioritize everything well, and that’s why you need a personal trainer. You need someone who can come to your house, or meet you at the gym, and make sure that you don’t skip out on a much needed workout.

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