How to Keto Like a Pro

1 – Stock up Keto is all about what you’re eating and maintaining the right low-carb to high-fat macronutrient ratio. Because of this, it’s impor…

If you’ve been reading our blog long enough, you know that we love the Keto diet. We’ve covered everything from explaining what Keto is, to what foods to buy, how to exercise, and a whole lot more.
This year, we released two of our best Keto plans yet; both last three weeks, and one is designed to help you lose weight, while the other is designed to help you maintain a healthy weight.
So we thought we’d let you know just why these two plans are so great, and how they can help you to Keto like a pro.

1 – Stock up

Keto is all about what you’re eating and maintaining the right low-carb to high-fat macronutrient ratio. Because of this, it’s important that from the get-go you have all the right foods at your disposal.
The Keto plans come complete with lists of all the foods you need (and all the foods you don’t) so that you’re prepared with all you need to eat the Keto way.

2 – Meal plan

Meal prepping can be a tad boring; we know. But sometimes it’s less the prepping and more the planning that helps you stay on track. The Keto plans come with day-by-day meal recommendations, so you can plan ahead on what you’re going to eat each day and reduce the number of trips to the grocery store.

3 – Take note

One of the biggest things that stop people from continuing with a lifestyle change is the fact that results are often slow. We know this better than anybody. That’s why we encourage you to check in each week with your numbers, weighing yourself and measuring yourself, so that you can see just how much you’ve achieved.

4 – Get creative

With any diet, it gets easy to rely on the same few recipes, meals and workouts out of convenience. While it’s easy, it’s not necessarily exciting, and can make dieting pretty boring pretty quick.
We won’t let you get bored; we’ve got tons of recipes and snack ideas that are guaranteed to pique your interest. There’s no way you’ll want to eat the same thing every day.

5 – Check your motivation daily

Dieting alone is difficult. It’s important to have support from friends, and to check in with yourself each day to remind yourself what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Each day for 21 days as you check in to the app and to figure out what to eat and see your progress is the perfect opportunity for us to cheer you on and for you to get a motivational boost!
Try the new Keto plans from Lifesum! Whether your curious about Keto or a long-time Keto veteran, these plans will be a great refresher and source of inspiration on your Keto journey!

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