How to build healthy habits eating fruits and vegetables

The Lifesum app is effective in helping you lose weight, eat healthy, and build muscle. Find out how the app helps you boost your nutrition as well.

Person cutting fruits like persimoon, kiwi and lemon.

It’s easy to think of Lifesum as just a way to help you lose weight or bulk up and build muscle. Fortunately, the app does a lot more than that.

As a holistic health app, Lifesum helps you do a whole lot more than that, taking care of your heart health, mental health, and physical wellbeing. That’s a big reason why the app focuses on helping you build healthy habits, like mindful eating, regular exercise, drinking water, and cutting back on sugar and red meat.

Two of the best habit builders in app are the veggie and fruit trackers; and as many of us know, we need a lot more help in this department than we would care to admit! One article from the US Department of Agriculture published back in November 2019 found that the average American is eating less than 1 cup of fruit per day and less than a cup and a half of vegetables per day, when the recommendation is about 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies.

Without adequate fruit and vegetable consumption, a lot of us are missing out on vital nutrients and vitamins; such as Vitamin C, which helps with growth and development; potassium, which helps keep blood pressure lower; and dietary fiber, which helps to maintain a healthy gut and improves overall digestion.

The fruit and vegetable trackers in the app will help you make sure you don’t miss out on all those vital nutrients.

To activate the trackers, go into the ‘Me’ tab, and select ‘Settings’. Under ‘Diary Settings’, you’ll see a few different tracker options, including the Water Tracker and the Weekly Seafood Tracker. Simply tap the button to select ‘On’, choose how many servings you want to set as a daily goal, and the trackers will be added to your diary.

There are two ways to track with the trackers once they’ve been added to your diary. One option is to track your meals as normal, and each time you track a vegetable the trackers will automatically update. The second option, is to just tap the broccoli in the tracker each time you eat - just make sure you don’t track twice!

Find a Diet you love

Find a nutritious Diet that fits your lifestyle and food preferences. Take charge of your daily habits with one of the many ongoing Diets including Clean Eating and High Protein.

Start a simplified Meal Plan

Follow a 7-21 day Meal Plan and get four pre-planned recipes a day. Depending on your health goals, there are many Meal Plans to choose from including Keto Burn and Vegan for a week.

Enjoy hundreds of tasty and nutritious recipes

Enjoy hundreds of easy-to-cook recipes filled with nutritious and tasty food. All of the recipes include information about their nutritional value so you can keep track of your daily energy intake.

Use the helpful barcode scanner

Identify your food items with the super easy-to-use barcode scanner. Scan the item, log it and get the nutritional information you need to stay on track.

Track your way to success

Track your activities and what you eat with the help of our food-, exercise- and water trackers to maintain a balanced everyday life.

Create your own health journey

To help you reach your goals and customize your health journey you can add your favorite meals, food items, recipes and exercises to your Favorites.

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