How to Be a Flexitarian (And Love It!)

A flexitarian is someone who eats a vegetarian diet most of the time and enjoys meat or fish sometimes. Read on to learn how easy this diet is.

It is often difficult to keep track of all the popular diet plans today. When you start comparing them, you find they have varied health benefits and success rates. But many people agree that the flexitarian diet plan is among the best of the easy diet plans to follow. So what is the flexitarian diet plan? And how do you follow it? Truthfully, it’s not all that hard.

What is a Flexitarian?

A Flexitarian is a person who eats a meatless diet for the majority of meals but occasionally enjoys meat or fish. The flexitarian diet is about making healthy choices without sacrificing meals out with friends and family. It is different from a typical omnivorous (or carnivorous) diet because the consumption of meat is drastically reduced. Flexitarians are sometimes chided by vegetarians and vegans who think they are being noncommittal about a vegetarian lifestyle, but the truth is that flexitarians are making a conscious choice, not only for their health but for the environment.

Why Should I Consider a Flexitarian Diet Plan?

Many of the arguments for vegetarianism apply to the flexitarian diet as well. A vegetarian diet has been linked to lower incidence of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, making it a clearly healthier way of living. But, many do not realize that eating meat has environmental implications as well. Agriculture and livestock are a large source of greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing how much meat we eat could alter that significantly.

Unfortunately, vegetarians and vegans often have difficulty finding menu options at restaurants and at the homes of family and friends. That’s why the flexitarian diet plan is the best diet plan for those looking for a compromise. It allows you to experience greater health and wellness while also reducing your carbon footprint, but doesn’t get in the way of an active life.

How Do I Get Started?

A flexitarian diet is not just about cutting out meat. Too often, when people choose to adopt a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian lifestyle, they replace meats with carbs and sugary foods. This eliminates any health benefits that you would receive from the diet plans. Instead, you should opt for minimally-processed vegetables, fruits, and grains that are rich in vitamins and protein.

One easy way to get started on your path to eating a flexitarian diet is by replacing the meat on your salad with beans or lentils. They are delicious, provide protein, and just as filling as chicken or beef. You may also try meat substitutes like tofu, tempeh, and other soy-based products to give yourself the feeling of eating meat and the benefit of the protein.

The Lifesum app can even help to get you started enjoying a flexitarian diet. The app has several diet plans to choose from, including the Mediterranean and Clean Eating diets, which work for flexitarians – just switch meat & fish for your vegetarian protein of choice. But with the option to customize any diet plan to meet stricter dietary requirements, you can use any diet plan and make it work for you based on your health goals.

No Excuses!

When it comes to easy diet plans, you really can’t go wrong with the flexitarian plan. It is inexpensive and easy to implement so you don’t have any excuses —  you can start eating healthier right away.

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