How I lost 25 kg in 9 months

Don’t miss this inspiring story by Linda from Sweden. A little bit about myself My name is Linda. I’m 24 year old, work as a photographer and a k…

Don’t miss this inspiring story by Linda from Sweden.

A little bit about myself

My name is Linda. I’m 24 year old, work as a photographer and a kindergarden-teacher. Since I was 11 years old I’ve been overweight, at first I told myself I would deal with it later. With thoughts like ”I will start exercising when it gets close to prom” and similar unrealistic goals. Sadly after work I was way too tired to move further than between the sofa and the kitchen and the love of chocolate made it hard to not gain weight.

Well, prom came and I had gained even more weight. As the years went by I reached a point when I realized the obvious, I need to lose weight. I started to feel like I was too big for the world, not able to fit properly on a bus seat, noticing people’s looks and comments.

My brain had so long protected me from the reality, in my head I was skinny. This made my life easier, the illusion of being slim.

Why did I decide to change my life…

Then one day a small thing happened. I was having coffee with my parents-in-law and I ate 80 % of the cookies. I didn’t think of it, but my mother-in-law told my fiancé how rude I was to eat almost all cookies leaving them with crumbs.

This went right into my brain, slammed right in there and stayed. I think that was the moment I decided. Enough is enough.

I chose Lifesum because…

1 of January this year (2014) I downloaded Lifesum. I chose Lifesum because I knew it worked, I lost 10 kg the first time.

My first goal was to weigh 99 kg, two digits, that was important.


At first i didn’t exercise so much, I started to take short walks, take the bike to work instead of the car even if it rained or was freeing cold. After a while I started swimming.

It became easier and more fun to exercise with every week I lost some weight.

I have stopped comfort eating.

My goal is…

In 9 months I lost 25 kg. My goal is to weigh 75 kg, current weight 92.5 kg

The toughest part of my weight loss journey…

The beginning. To always remember the motivation and not to lose it. What helped me was my fiancé, he is so supporting and caring. He made it easier to remember my goal.

As my family started noticing I had lost some weight they were happy for me and now they are so proud that I have come this far.

Lifesum helped me…

With Lifesum I have learned to eat food and snacks with reason. Before I could easily eat a pizza, then a whole bag of chips, and candy on top of that.

I have learned to prioritize what food I want to eat and what food I need to eat. Also the fact that if you exercise you can see the calories go away from your daily intake. That is a huge motivation for me to take a long walk or go swim for an hour. Seeing those calories go away.

It is all about the celebration…

I celebrate reaching my goals, every even kg like -10 kg -20kg with posting on Facebook, telling all my friends that I’m on my way to the body I always thought I had.

The best part of my weight loss…

is that I can go into a clothing store and buy pants that are not from the plus collection. The feel of my fiancé holding around my waist without effort. With my current weight I feel more confident about myself and my body. I have an urge to move and exercise daily even if I’m tired from work.

When I reach my target …

I will continue working out and eating what I want to eat, I hope I will find a balance.

My 3 secret tips for You

Be honest to yourself. Too many times have I lied to myself and my family and friends about my eating habits. Start with being honest and I promise they canhelp and you get a light heart and feel good about yourself.

Stop eating ready-mades, there are so many easy recipes that you can do! Save both money and calories and make your own pizza. It’s easy when you get into it.

Choose your yummies with wisdom. I had a brain conversation with myself, what are my favorite snacks and which do I eat just because. I decided to just eat my absolute favorites.

Find out how to track calories with the Lifesum app!



All the best! 

From the whole Lifesum team!

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