Five Reasons to Track Your Progress

Results of a weight loss or muscle building program take time. Find out why tracking your progress helps you from falling off the wagon.

Whether you’re trying to slim down or pack on the muscle, keeping up with your fitness goals is no easy task. Perhaps you just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Read on to discover these five reasons why it’s important to keep track of your fitness progress.

Get Instant Gratification

One big reason why we fall off the diet bandwagon is that we don’t always see immediate results. In our high-tech society, many of us tend to pursue immediate rewards rather than working hard and waiting for the big ones, and you can use quirk to your advantage while on your fitness journey. Tracking your meals and exercise habits delivers instant feedback on your progress. It may take a week or two to notice positive changes in your body after you’ve created a caloric deficit. But, as long as you’re using your fitness tracker app, you can immediately see that you’re meeting your goals and can know that lasting change has begun.

Set Bite-Sized Goals

Let’s say you’ve decided to lose 50 pounds over the next year. When you do the math, you need to eat about a total of 175,000 fewer calories in those 12 months. On paper, that may look like an extreme, almost unreasonable goal. With top fitness trackers, you can set small daily goals to eat 250 calories less and exercise away another 250 calories to create the ideal deficit each day. By establishing and reaching bite-sized goals, you might not feel overwhelmed by your overall objective and can stick to your path.

Stay Accountable

Willpower alone probably isn’t enough to keep you on track with your fitness ambitions. No matter how many good intentions we have, using top fitness trackers will help us stay accountable to ourselves and our online community of supporters. If your goal is to do 20 push-ups today, you either do them, or you don’t. That’s what makes tracking your fitness so helpful. When you’re held accountable, you’re more likely to commit to your long-term success.

It’s Easy. Really.

As of January 2017, there were a reported 2.2 million mobile fitness trackers available, and the Samsung fitness tracker by Lifesum makes it easier than you might think to record your progress. Use today’s wellness technology to monitor your food intake, record growths in your strength, and compare your results. The power in tracking is that it increases your awareness and makes you think twice about the choices you make.

Find Motivation

Believe it or not, being motivated plays a vital role in whether you’ll find success with your vision of the new, healthy you. The time you take for yourself when you log into your fitness tracker will remind you why you’re making all these changes. These self-help tools reinforce your objectives, and recording your results helps drive your focus, so you can keep building on what you’ve already accomplished. It’s easy to get excited about your next trip to the gym when you know precisely how to challenge yourself with the next workout.

With hectic schedules and active lives, it’s easy to lose track of where you are with your fitness improvements and where you want to be. A fitness tracker app can help support your ongoing success.

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