Your Summer Road Trip Just Got Tastier

Let's explore a variety of healthy road trip snacks that are easy to pack, delicious, and full of nutrients.

  • Published: 6/10/2024
  • 3 min. read

Let's explore a variety of healthy road trip snacks that are easy to pack, delicious, and full of nutrients. Say goodbye to gas station junk food and hello to tasty, wholesome alternatives!

Summer is the perfect season for hitting the open road, exploring new destinations, and enjoying the freedom of a road trip. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country adventure or a weekend getaway, keeping your energy levels up with healthy snacks is essential. Not only do nutritious snacks prevent the temptation of unhealthy convenience foods, but they also keep you feeling good and ready for adventure.

So buckle up, it's time to go on a nutritious and delicious ride! 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

One of the simplest and most refreshing snack options for any road trip is fresh fruits and vegetables. They are naturally low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Apple slices and peanut butter: This classic combo is both delicious and satisfying. Apples provide a natural sweetness and crunch, while peanut butter adds protein and healthy fats.
  • Baby carrots and hummus: Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and fiber, and hummus offers a creamy, protein-rich dip that’s easy to pack and eat on the go.
  • Grapes and berries: These bite-sized fruits are perfect for snacking in the car. They are hydrating, easy to eat, and don’t require any peeling or cutting.

Protein-Packed Options

Protein is crucial for keeping your energy levels steady during long drives. It helps maintain muscle mass, keeps hunger at bay–and is really easy to prepare for the trip.

  • Hard-boiled eggs: These are a great portable snack that provides high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Prepare them ahead of time and keep them chilled in a cooler.
  • Greek yogurt: Opt for single-serving containers for convenience. Greek yogurt is high in protein, calcium, and probiotics, which are good for your digestive system.
  • Jerky: Look for natural or organic jerky without added sugars or preservatives. It’s a savory, protein-rich snack that’s perfect for on-the-go eating. If you prefer to not eat meat, roasted broad beans seasoned with salt could be a tasty option. 

Whole Grains and Nuts

Whole grains and nuts provide sustained energy, thanks to their combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats.

  • Trail mix: Create your own mix with nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and a bit of dark chocolate for a sweet touch. This combination offers a balance of protein, fats, and carbs. If you don't have time, trail mix can be bought ready to go as well. 
  • Whole grain crackers and cheese: Choose whole grain crackers for fiber and pair them with a few slices of cheese for protein and calcium.
  • Granola bars: Select bars with minimal added sugars and ingredients you recognize. Look for options that include oats, nuts, and seeds for a balanced snack. Or better yet–try making the bars yourself. The "no-bake" granola bar, just like the name suggest, is delicious or try making this classic bar

Convenient Store-Bought Options

Now, no trip is perfect and sometimes, convenience is key. This especially goes for when you're on the road. These store-bought snacks are healthy choices that you can easily find in most grocery stores.

  • Nut butter packs: Single-serving packs of almond or peanut butter can be perfect for spreading on whole grain crackers or apple slices.
  • String cheese: This is a fun, easy-to-eat snack that provides a good source of calcium and protein.
  • Rice cakes: Plain or lightly flavored rice cakes can be paired with nut butter or eaten on their own for a crunchy, satisfying snack.

With a little planning, it’s easy to pack healthy snacks that will keep you energized and satisfied on your summer road trip. From fresh fruits and veggies to protein-rich options, whole grains, and homemade treats, these nutritious snacks are perfect for long drives. Remember, staying hydrated is equally important, so keep water and other healthy beverages handy.

What are your favorite healthy snacks to pack for a road trip?

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