Can You Lose Weight in 3 Weeks? Yes, Here’s How

[AppStoreButtons] Weird question we know, but here’s why we asked. 90% is the success rate of Lifesum’s new 3-Week Weight Loss program. Basically…

If you were 90% likely to win at something, would you consider it worth doing?


Weird question we know, but here’s why we asked. 90% is the success rate of Lifesum’s new 3-Week Weight Loss program.

Basically, it works, and it’s not a crash diet.

The program is rigorous though. It comes with a meal planner and a shopping list, so you know exactly what you need to buy and what you’ll eat for each meal over the course of 21 days. The best part of the meal planner? Each recipe is straightforward to follow, and requires no more than 5 ingredients, so it’s perfect for those of you who don’t like to cook.

Here are four reasons why we love it:

It comes with cheat meals

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Let’s be realistic. None of us are perfect, and that’s not about to change over the course of 21 days. The plan takes that into account, and includes four cheat meals. That’s pretty generous.

You don’t need to think to diet

It tells you what to eat each day for every meal. And it gives you a shopping list. All you have to do at this point is cook and eat. Minimum effort required.


The food doesn’t suck

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The food isn’t dry. It’s not boring. Your friends/kids/partner will actually want to eat with you. And aside from looking and tasting great, it’s the kind of food that actually keeps you full, so that when you’re driving past Shake Shack on your way home, you’re not hungry enough to be tempted to stop in.


It won’t include burned calories in your calorie count

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This might sound like a negative, but it’s actually an intentional decision on the part of Lifesum. Typically in the app, when you burn calories through exercise, it adds them to your calorie count, so you can eat more (yay!); the 3-week weight loss program is different. You’re free to (and encouraged to!) exercise while you’re on it, but Lifesum want you to stick to the assigned amount of food, as it means you’ll get better results.

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