AnnMarie’s Transformation – A Perfect Example of How Lifesum Is Also A Great Tool For Older People On The Way To Better Health

AnnMarie’s daughter was kind enough to tell us the story of her mother’s incredible transformation. Severe diabetes made the goal to finally lose…

AnnMarie’s daughter was kind enough to tell us the story of her mother’s incredible transformation. Severe diabetes made the goal to finally lose weight a real challenge.

Who is AnnMarie…

AnnMarie lives in Sweden and is 67 years old.  By October 2013 she had been a diabetic for 37 years, taking four injections daily, and was 4 stone overweight, with a BMI of 30. She had tried many, many times to lose weight before but due to her diabetes that had always been very difficult.


The way to Lifesum…

AnnMarie got to know Lifesum through her daughter and son-in-law who both lost a significant amount of weight over the course of three months. She’d bought herself her first iPhone and her daughter had been looking for a diplomatic way to encourage her to try to be healthier, so she decided to show the app to AnnMarie leading AnnMarie to become very excited at the thought of being able to lose 1 pound a week. She decided to give Lifesum a try in order to gain a better insight into what she was already eating. From the beginning her husband Berndt was a great support, helping her use the app without any previous experience with a smartphone.


The beginning…

The app was downloaded and AnnMarie set a weekly goal of losing 4 pounds a week. She wrote every meal down on a notepad and her husband entered all the details into the app each evening. She also started to get more active.



At the start it was very important to regularly control the blood sugar. In AnnMarie’s case there were 8 controls per day. On top of that it was very difficult to change her activity level from extremely low to walks outside, as the change in her eating combined with her health issue mad her feel very weak and unwell.


And suddenly everything was different…

After initial difficulties she started to regularly lose weight, felt better and was able to reduce her daily dose of insulin. Even better, she was finally able to buy clothes at an average shop. Oversize was a thing of a past. She changed from a very overweight lady with serious health problems to a happy and healthy AnnMarie.



Today, one year later, AnnMarie has lost 5.5 stone, has much more energy and feels like a new person. She was able to replace insulin injections with tablets. Today she uses Lifesum to maintain her weight. Her current weight is between 9.5 stone and 9.76 stone, her BMI has improved to 22,5 and she has size 40 (EU /12 UK /8 US).


Congratulations AnnMarie from all at Lifesum! This was a great achievement!


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