Why You Should Use an Activity Tracker for Weight Loss

Keeping track of your calorie burn makes it easier to lose weight and puts you in control of your calorie deficit.…

Keeping track of your calorie burn makes it easier to lose weight and puts you in control of your calorie deficit.

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What is activity tracking?

Activity tracking is as good and simple as it sounds. You perform any activity that makes your heart beat raise and you keep track of it, most commonly by an app or wearables. The app or wearable calculates the calories burned during activities so you can get a full overview of your total energy expenditure.

How can my weight loss journey benefit from tracking activities?

The key to weight loss is called calorie deficit. If you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight. If you move more, you can eat a little bit more and still stay in your calorie deficit. Keep in mind that the most pain-free way to create a calorie deficit is through your diet, but moving more will simplify and speed up your journey. Lifesum allows you to track your calorie intake and output on a daily level, which aids the in-app calculator in creating the best calorie calculation for you. The Lifesum app is available in both App Store and Google Play and has the option of a free version.

What activities should I track in my activity tracker?

When you start tracking activities, you’ll notice that all the small things count and get motivated to move even more. You should track all exercise sessions and walking by default, but did you know that even cleaning, doing dishes, playing with children or grocery shopping counts too? In comparison to a sweaty gym session, picking up some groceries might not seem like a great deal, but it all adds up.

How can I track activities in Lifesum’s app?

Our app is available for iPhone and Android and connects to all the best activity trackers on the market. In your Lifesum settings, you can choose your average activity level and only log your gym sessions, or switch on automatic tracking to see the exact number of calories you burned during a day. Lifesum is compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, Android Health, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Moves, Jawbone, and Endomondo.

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