8 Tips on How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Making new years resolutions is easy – but sticking to them not as simple. Many people tend to stick to their new years resolutions for about 2 w…

Making new years resolutions is easy – but sticking to them not as simple. Many people tend to stick to their new years resolutions for about 2 weeks and then find themselves falling off track. That is not you, not this year.

Part of the problem is how the resolutions are formulated. Sweeping declarations like “I will lose weight this year” or “I’m going to exercise more” will not take you forward.

Follow these 8 steps and get a clear action plan that will make it easier to hang in there.

1. Start off with one (maximum two) health goals
Narrow your list down. Choose the goals that will have the greatest impact on your health or the one you believe has the greatest chance of success.

2. Make the commitment
You have to want change in order to make change. Open up and pinpoint why these changes is so important for you. Change can be easy, when you genuinely want it.

2. Break it up into milestones 
This way the long term goal gets measurable and you will find reasons to reward yourself along the way. The best milestones is both time based and performance based.

January: Make 3 healthy meals a week. Only have 1 portion per meal. Go for a morning walk 4 times a week. 

3. Put it all into writing
Write your goals and your milestones down somewhere where you can review them and constantly get re-engaged in them. Use the “Progress diary” feature in the Lifesum app or a pen and paper.

4. Find a role model 
Someone who inspire you to do better. Someone with a positive energy that lifts you up.

6. Think of yourself as a role model
Next step is to also know that you can inspire others. You can be a role model for your best friend, children, colleagues or just anybody around you that could get inspired by your new healthier way of living.

7. Tell one more person
Put it out there and express your goal with a friend or special someone to make it real. Tell him or her about you first milestone and ask for support in reaching it.

8. Reward yourself
For every milestone you can assign one reward. Begin by just choosing the reward for the first milestone and decide the second one when you reach the first. 

What is your new year’s resolution?



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