6 Healthy Snacks You Can Pick up on the Go

There’s almost nothing worse. You’re miles from home, you’re going to eat dinner in an hour or so, but your stomach can’t wait that long. If you …

There’s almost nothing worse. You’re miles from home, you’re going to eat dinner in an hour or so, but your stomach can’t wait that long. If you wait any longer, you may pass out. So what do you do? Personally, I tend to gravitate toward a bar of chocolate or a pack of chips; i.e. the unhealthy stuff, but I know there’s got to be a better way, so I thought I’d take a moment to investigate and share my findings with you all.

Here are a few quick tips to make it easier for you to choose well:

  1. Get single serving packets – if it’s a bagged or packaged item, you’re looking at around 2 oz or 60 g.
  2. Avoid fancy flavorsEven if honey roasted, or extra salted, or deep fried sounds amazing and tastes like it, that’s a lot of unwanted extras you don’t need when you’re just trying to see yourself through to your next meal. If you do need extra flavor, go for chili, or fruit flavors.
  3. Keep it simple – DIY snacks when you’re on the go can just end up being more of a pain than anything helpful. You don’t want to have to prep anything or do a massive clean up afterward, so even if you’re buying fruit, think more pear, apple, banana; less grapefruit, mango.

Okay, I’m allergic to nuts, so this is completely unhelpful for me, but I know these little things are basically some people’s hunger survival kit, so I figured I’d mention them. We have endless bowls of almonds and cashews at the office and people seem to like them, so I think they’d be a good idea.

Now personally, I can admit, I’m not great at this. Or actually, maybe I am but it’s about the type of fruit. You’ll never see me buying an apple and eating that to tide me over. Same with pears, and don’t even get me started on bananas. All that being said, fruit is an awesome idea. I’m more into blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, but these need a quick rinse before eating.

Cottage Cheese/Greek Yogurt
I like these a lot. Grab a spoon and one of these in a 4 or 5 oz container (150 ml) and you’re all set. Avoid the ones that come with syrups, jams or jellies, but if it’s flavored with the taste of something like passionfruit or pineapple, or it’s topped with a little granola and some fruit, that’s not bad.

I LOOOVE seaweed. I like the slaw-kind that you get with sushi, but I also love the dry kind, nori. It contains good levels of Vitamins A and C, is full of iron, and is low in calories. It doesn’t get better than this. Do watch out though, as there can be a lot of salt in these, so check different brands to find one that doesn’t.

Dry roasted Edamame may just be the best snack ever. Or maybe I mean dry roasted chickpeas. I don’t know, but both are great, They’re crunchy, they’re full of protein, and they’re the perfect alternative if, like me, you don’t do nuts.

Coconut chips
These tend to be high in saturated fat but that aside, they are full of fiber and very tasty. Which is why I like them so much. Go for a 1 oz bag if possible, these are addicting and the high fat content could end up being a real issue!

– Femi, The Girl Who Hates Working Out

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