5 Surprising Things That Could be Stressing you out

1. Major life changes Positive or negative, big changes in life can easily become a source of stress. It’s important to be able to identify when …

There are a vast number of things that could you make you feel stressed out. While we all know the standard stuff, work, family, health etc., there are actually a greater number of factors that can contribute to your stress levels.

1. Major life changes

Positive or negative, big changes in life can easily become a source of stress. It’s important to be able to identify when your life is. Changing in a big way, and, if possible, enlist the help of a therapist or trusted friend who can help you through the transition.

2. Negative self-talk

Kind of weird to think that your brain can affect your brain right? But it can. The way you speak to yourself about yourself matters. Learning not to be too hard on yourself, to forgive yourself, love yourself, and even affirm yourself are all things you need to practice for a life with less stress.

3. Being too busy

In this day and age, being busy, frazzled, and having a full schedule are extremely common phenomena. But did you know this puts you in constant stress? It’s important to know your limits and make room in your schedule for time in between appointments. Try not to plan on attending more than 3 separate appointments in one day, see if you can hold all business meetings in one spot to save yourself the hassle of travelling back and forth, and if not being the hosting parent for soccer means you get a much needed evening at home to do other things (or do nothing!) then do it!

4. Uncertainty

Some people embrace the unknown; others have to be fully in control to be able to relax. Try to be the former. It’s a known fact in life that we can’t know or be prepared for everything, but there are things we ca do to prepare for the unknown. If is financial uncertainty, try to make wise investments in a wide variety of areas and markets; if it’s job uncertainty, do your best to network and research companies you’d like to work with; if it’s concern for your health, make sure you’re eating the right foods and taking care of your body, and schedule regular check-ups with your local health practitioner. Don’t spend time worrying about the what you can’t control, it’ll only stress you out.

5. Relationship difficulties

This is a toughie. Even the smallest fracture or negativity in a relationship can make it something that is incredibly emotionally draining. Whether it’s a friendship, a sibling relationship, a family issue, or something between you and your partner, don’t go through it alone. Finding a neutral party you can trust and share issues with is going to be more necessary than you know.

Do any of these stress causes resonate with you? What are you doing to alleviate stress in your life?

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