5 Low-Carb Recipes That Won’t Make You Miserable

One of the things that terrified me the most when I started my health journey was the idea that I would have to give up the things I hold most de…

If you’re eating one of these meals and still missing your pasta, we haven’t done our job.

One of the things that terrified me the most when I started my health journey was the idea that I would have to give up the things I hold most dear: bread and pasta.

Two years later, honestly, I barely miss them. This could be due in part to the fact that I haven’t given them up completely, because of maintaining balance, and the fact that there was no need to go cold turkey on them; but I think one other big reason is that I have learnt to cook and enjoy meals that don’t contain either.

Some of my favorite recipes now are recipes built on healthful, filling vegetables and versatile legumes; and the fear I had of looking at my plate and wondering ‘where the pasta was’ has evaporated. Here are a few low-carb recipes you can try at home that will have you forgetting all about your processed, calorie-dense friends.

Spicy Cauliflower Stir-Fry

Don’t roll your eyes at me! I know cauliflower has been overhyped but once you’ve tasted this you’ll understand why. Packed full of flavor and filling without being stodgy, this cauliflower recipe is the perfect side.

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

I’m spotting a theme here that wasn’t intentional, but is delicious nonetheless. Asian-inspired food is always flavorful, which is perfect when you’re working with vegetables or bases that don’t contain a whole lot. In this recipe the subtle flavor of peanut oil, the scallions, the onions and the garlic all work together to create a dish that is as yummy as it is healthy!

Avocado Fries

How do you make avocado better? You fry it. Not fry it, fry it. You know, as in make it into french fries! This is an even more delicious way to enjoy your avocado – need I say more?

Oven Roasted Radishes

Why eat roast potatoes when you can eat roast radishes instead? These require four ingredients and very minimal effort. They’re also kind of beautiful to behold.

Banana Pancakes

The best thing about pancakes, aside from their taste, is that they can be enjoyed at pretty much any time of day, especially if they’re low-carb and won’t leave you feeling lethargic! You literally only need two ingredients for this recipe, it’s so simple it’s almost impossible to mess up!

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