3 Reasons You Need a Step Counter Right Now

Working out and getting healthy are popular New Year's resolutions. Read on to learn why a step counter can help you hit your health goals.

With “improve my fitness” being the No. 1 New Year’s resolution for 2018, it’s pretty evident that most of us want to add more exercise into our daily routine, and what better way than walking? From trekking around town to a hike through the great outdoors, walking doesn’t need any specialized equipment, lessons or a gym membership.

When you add walking to your daily routine, you’ll start to see improvements in your fitness level each time you invest in yourself. One easy and positive way to make changes in your health is to use a step counter, also known as a pedometer. Explore these three reasons why you need a step counter and how to get the most mileage from walking’s many benefits.

It’s a Great Motivational Tool

Instant results drive most of us, and while other fitness programs often take weeks to show significant improvements, a step counter provides you with concrete numbers every time you look at it. This data works right away to increase your awareness about how much physical activity you’re putting in each day, or each hour if you want to delve that deep. Looking over your historical information will show you patterns that may help motivate you to fit more physical activity into your everyday life, regardless of if your goal is about losing weight or to simply become more healthy. Just like athletes count how many laps they run, walkers can easily track their steps with a pedometer app.

Track Your Goals with a Pedometer App

Monitoring your steps and calories burned while walking with a step tracker immediately takes the guesswork out of your fitness program, and it’s something you can just turn on and forget about. Use Lifesum’s pedometer app as you go about your normal routine. You’ll be surprised by how many steps you count just strolling around your house.

There are an average of 2,000 steps in a mile, so if you plan to walk three miles a day your goal for the day would be 6,000 steps. If you walk at just 3 miles per hour, not only will you get all the health benefits from walking, it will barely take you an hour a day to meet your objective. Go ahead and break it up into manageable 15-minute increments if that better fits your schedule, and keep an eye on your step tracker to measure your progress throughout the day.

Challenge Yourself and Build Your Numbers

With a step counter, not only can you track your goals, but you can set new ones too. If increasing your heart rate is part of your current fitness routine, set a specific number of steps that you must complete within a certain time frame. It’s a great way to test yourself, or you can challenge your friends to a friendly step contest. The spirit of competition and the accountability can help you build your numbers fast.

A step tracker is a small and often inexpensive way to make a significant impact on your overall health. Evaluate your success based on your pedometer app and set new walking goals each week for a healthier lifestyle that’s just steps away.

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