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Lack of motivation? Get inspired by a story of Svein-Erik from Norway! About me… My name is Svein-Erik and I am 36 years old. I live in Norway. I…

Lack of motivation? Get inspired by a story of Svein-Erik from Norway!

About me…

My name is Svein-Erik and I am 36 years old. I live in Norway.

I decided to change my lifestyle…

Up to 18 years old I was very active, mostly playing football. When was 30 years old I had other interests and did not eat anything healthy. That’s when I put on a bit of weight. Then I realized that I should change my lifestyle, it was too much.

Before Lifesum…

I began with a little bit of walking, some football and after a couple of years some fitness training. I did eat mostly the same food with some small modifications.

2-3 years ago I started to use a calorie tracker app. I did lose some weight. After summer the habit of eating more unhealthy food came back. It was too much work with the app and towards the winter I gained about the same weight as I had before.

When next autumn came…

I started with some strength training to increase my muscles but back then I did not even think about adding some cardio workout. But I did download the Lifesum app and started to track my food. Not every day but I did finally try to eat clean, healthy food, most of the time. Later, I started with Muay Thai and towards summer I was very strict with the food. I lost about 15-16 kg in 6 months!

Thanks to Lifesum…

I have a better overview of what I eat and will for once try to lose some more weight in the future and stay fit. Using Lifesum has a major part in all this. It is easy to track my macros and I get a simple overview of what I should eat and what I should stay away from. Lifesum works with other apps from which I import my workout.

The most positive about my weight loss…

I feel a lot more healthy! I dropped one clothing size, from L to M. I am stronger and more fit with a lower weight.

My secret tips for You…

It is all about staying on the track and consistent work towards your goal. Sometimes I eat what I want without feeling guilty. I can sin sometimes but most of my meals consist of only healthy food.

Congratulations from the whole Lifesum team!


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