10 New Things to Try in the New Year

1. Camping  If you’ve yet to go, grab a few of your friends (at least one who knows what they’re doing), and spend a weekend honing some survival…

It’s easy to get bogged down with what you should and shouldn’t be doing in the New Year. We love New Years resolutions as much as the next guy, but if you don’t, here’s something that might work for you. What if, instead of setting goals or lists of achievement for the new year, you just resolved to try new things?
Here’s a list of a few things you could try in the new year:

1. Camping Tourist camp with fire, tent and firewood

If you’ve yet to go, grab a few of your friends (at least one who knows what they’re doing), and spend a weekend honing some survival skills and becoming one with the great outdoors. Food cooked over an open fire is far superior to regular food.

2. Visiting museums and art galleries Young man with rucksack on back visiting art gallery with drawings and sculpture

It’s a sad truth, but most of us have yet to visit our local museums and art galleries. Why not explore them? Take a leisurely walk around, read the descriptions beside each piece, and treat yourself to an overpriced slice of cake in the museum restaurant – that’s culture!

3. Veganism Couple Eating Lunch with Fresh Salad and Appetizers

Are you curious? Or are you not at all interested, and one of those people that frequently criticizes their vegan friends? Either way, why not test it out before you jump to any conclusions? The new Vegan For A Week plan from Lifesum is a guided experience of a vegan lifestyle; you’ll get food lists, recipes and tips on how to live like a true vegan.

4. Learning a new language Group Of Students Using Computers In College Library

Learn the language of love, or the language of pizza…or the language of The Lion King! Whichever language you pick, it helps develop different parts of your brain and gives you enormous bragging rights.

5. Playing a new sport Young happy couple sitting in carton boxes at their new home and having fun while playing badminton.

Is there a neighbourhood basketball club, or a parents’ softball team? Playing a sport is t just good for your health, it can also be a great way to meet new people and make friends.

6. Taking a 3-week health challenge Cross training gym, exercising and focus concepts.

This year at Lifesum we’ve launched three new 21-day health plans; the 3-Week Weight Loss plan, and two Keto health plans; one for weight loss and one for weight maintenance. These are great opportunities to see what you’re capable of achieving in short periods of time, and to figure out if a change in lifestyle could work for you.

7. Leaving town Young man in car on mountain road looks out from window car, outstretched arms for freedom. Mountain landscape in Summer, shot in Graubunden Canton, Switzerland.

How many of the places close to where you live have you actually visited? Why not spend a day or two in the next town over, exploring and visiting coffee shops?

8. Starting a book club Four mixed-raced university students are studying for their upcoming exams in the library.

Need an intellectual excuse to hang out with your friends? Start a book club! You each pick a book you’re interested in, read it, and get together once or twice a month to discuss it over wine and cheese. Grown up and fun.

9. Gardening Unrecognizable woman gardener in a large greenhouse holding a pot with a plant. Top view.

Personally, I don’t consider myself a gardener, but if you start with something small it can be fun. You can garden even if you don’t have a yard! Start with a small house plant, like basil or rosemary and do your best to keep it alive- they grow pretty quick so it’s pretty rewarding.

10. Switching off Funny young girls in bathrobes making mask with cucumber and having fun

Take a day out of the house without your phone. Take a walk, go to a spa, take a long drive; just leave the phone behind and enjoy a day disconnected from tech and plugged in to nature.

Which one of these are you thinking about trying this year?

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