Calorie Intake For Weight Maintenance

If you’re at the end of your weight loss journey or already pleased with your weight, you might wonder what and how much you can eat to maintain your current weight. Lifesum has all the tools you need to continue your health journey beyond weight – it’s all about getting to know your body.

Find out your personal calorie intake for weight maintenance when using Lifesum’s app by

  • Entering your height, weight, and gender
  • Setting your daily activity level, or choose automatic tracking to measure movements from your iPhone or wearables
  • Tracking your activities on a daily basis

Calories needed to maintain weight

A woman needs about 2000 kcal per day to remain weight stable and a man 2500kcal. However, if you have a desk based job, drive to work and don’t get a lot of exercise, a typical woman will need about 1700kcal per day. You also have to consider the individual burn rate, which depends on your muscle mass (more muscles = higher metabolism), lifestyle and DNA.

Since muscle mass plays a big role in your metabolism, it’s important to not eat too little after a weight loss journey. Eating less than you need can result in muscle loss and decrease your calorie burn over time. To ensure you eat the perfect amount of calories for your body, choose a weight maintenance program in Lifesum’s app, available for free on the App Store & Google play.

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