Need More Energy? Check Out These Diet Plans

If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open in the afternoon, you aren’t alone. Many people suffer from the “afternoon slump,” which causes sugar and energy drink cravings, poor work production, and a massive drop in energy. Your diet is often the cause of this crash, but fortunately, it’s something you can fix. To avoid slumps and crashes throughout the day, check out a few of these tried and true diet plans for energy.

Avoiding Sugary Meals

This isn’t a diet plan so much as a method to keep your energy levels high. Sucking down a 1-liter bottle of soda isn’t the ideal way to maintain energy. Sure, it’s chocked-full of caffeine and sugar, but both of these are detrimental to your awareness.

Added sugar is composed of glucose and fructose. While your body needs glucose to function, fructose isn’t essential and only your liver can break it down. When the liver breaks down fructose, it turns it to fat which can cause fatigue and other health conditions.

Ketogenic Diet/Low-Carb Diet

One of the top diet plans for women, the ketogenic diet, is all about eating fewer carbs to promote even energy levels and steady weight loss. The combination of high-fiber carbs, healthy fats, and proteins leaves you feeling satisfied, but not full or sluggish after a meal.

A benefit of this diet is that everything you eat can take bowl form. There’s no telling why eating a meal out of a bowl tastes better, but chances are you probably agree. It also allows you to use your culinary creativity. For example, a chicken-veggie-quinoa bowl with a home-made sauce sounds pretty enticing to break the monotony of the day. If you aren’t a cook, don’t worry. You have plenty of keto-bowl options at your disposal.

Keep on Grazing

When you see a field full of cows, you probably don’t want to equate it to yourself, but there’s something about grazing that’s inherently intriguing. Well, you don’t have to shortchange yourself at the office or at home. Grazing, or snacking as it’s known in the human world, is a phenomenal way to alleviate fatigue, provided you choose the right snacks.

Yogurt, nuts, veggies with hummus, and creamy cheeses are all delicious snacks that will maintain your energy without the sudden crash at the end. You can also save part of your lunch for a quick snack if you’re feeling full on your lunch break.

Slam Back Some Protein in the Morning

Low blood sugar is the mortal enemy of high energy. When your sugar level falls below your insulin level, you get hungry, tired, and as ornery as a grumpy old person. While caffeine and carbs in the morning can provide a quick boost to your blood sugar, it doesn’t maintain it for long.

That’s why you need proteins. Proteins keep your insulin and blood sugar levels steady throughout the day so they aren’t swinging back and forth.

Changing your diet not only makes you more alert, but gives you the energy you need to hit the gym after a long day at the office. Armed with this one-two punch of nutrition and exercise, you’re ready to tackle the day no matter what’s thrown into your path.

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