Exercise Tracker – What You Can Learn From It

Do you know how much you burn during a workout, or do you make a guess and add an extra 500kcal to your calorie intake? Calorie burn during exercising is highly individual. By using an exercise tracker, you can find out exactly how much you burned.

  • Avoid over or under-eating
  • Find out what sport is the most efficient for your personal calorie expenditure 
  • Get motivated to push yourself harder during workouts and raise your heart rate

Avoid overeating after workouts

One of the most common mistakes people do make during their weight loss journey is overestimating their calorie burn during workouts. Also, since working out increases your appetite, your body can trick you into eating more calories than you burned during the workout.

Although exercise is fantastic for your health, it does not affect your weight in the same manner as food does. For example, a 30min run will burn about 300kcal, which equals the same amount of calories in 2.5 bananas.

With an exercise tracker, you’ll get a clear view of how many calories you burned during your workout. In Lifesum’s app, you can then chose to enter your exercise manually or connect the app to your exercise tracker to see exactly how much you should eat on that particular day to lose weight.

Find your perfect workout

Examples of high calorie burn workouts are jumping rope, burpees, and cross fit. However, if you need to rest a lot during such high intense workouts, you won’t burn as many calories as you might think. In some cases, a lower intensity activity where you can remain active throughout the whole workout will burn more calories in total for you. Use an exercise tracker to find out where you perform best!

Track your heart beat

A higher heart rate during workouts indicates a higher calorie burn. When tracking your exercises, you’ll learn what it takes to reach your maximum heart rate and get motivated to persist a little longer. Also, different heart rate ranges have different benefits – if you want to improve your cardiovascular performance, you’ll want to reach your max HR for as long as possible during a workout.

Lifesum’s app is compatible with various exercise trackers to make your weight journey as smooth as possible. To start tracking your food and exercises today – Create your account by signing up for Lifesum below.


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