Yes, Christmas and Health Goals Do Go Together

Yes, Christmas and Health Goals Do Go Together Lifesum

They aren’t opposites.

What kind of idiot starts a new workout regime at the beginning of November? Yep, that’s right, me.

It’s a 12-week program, I’m about 9 weeks in, and it’s Christmas. Naturally that means I have to overeat, stop working out and hate myself right?


Here’s what you do:

1. Stick to it

If there’s anything the last few months have shown me it’s that consistency is key. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing before. That’s what I’ve been doing. It won’t be as easy. There will be moments when you think to yourself, is it really worth me getting out of bed the day after Christmas to workout instead of just staying in pyjamas all day? But decide and commit. Put on your workout clothes, and just go. The less you think about it, the better. Just commit to maintaining the routine.


2. Eat your heart out

Don’t panic if you eat too many slices of pie. A couple hiccups won’t derail your progress. Constant unhealthy grazing and a build up of unhealthy habits will delay it. I’d just say this: Don’t overthink things, and try to maintain the same eating habits you usually have. Eat the same breakfast if you aren’t brunching with family, eat the same lunch, and carry the same healthy snacks around with you that you’d usually do.


3. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate again

Seriously. Water is your best friend.

And yes, you know what, after all this, you might still find your pants are a little tighter, and you’ve gained an extra half a pound, but that’s okay. Ultimately none of that matters, and if you’re healthy generally, you’ll bounce back, promise.

/Femi, The Girl Who Hates Working Out

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Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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  1. By Toni on Sun Jan 08 2017

    I’m just a stickler for correct English – it is correct to to say ‘eat more healthily’ than to say ‘ eat more healthier’. Something may be ‘healthier’ than something else.
    Forgive me, and thanks.
    It’s a good program in general.

    • By Femi Agbaje-Williams on Tue Jan 10 2017

      I thin we’d say ‘eat healthily’, or ‘eat healthier’ but not ‘eat more healthily’ or ‘eat more healthier’.

      Hope that answers your question!



  2. By M. Brown on Mon Jan 16 2017

    When do you add the pine nuts? In the pesto stage I am guessing. Are they toasted or raw?

    • By Femi Agbaje-Williams on Thu Jan 19 2017


      Yes, in the pesto stage. Raw is fine.

      Kind regards,


  3. By Marla on Thu Jan 19 2017

    What is a pot of fresh basil? Is it like the fresh basil you get in the cup with a dome lid?

    • By Femi Agbaje-Williams on Wed Jan 25 2017

      Hi Maria,

      Yes it is!