Why Sticking to a Diet is Difficult and What to do About it

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“No honestly, this diet is so easy, it’s easier than eating unhealthy”, said no-one ever. We all know diets can be challenging. In fact, we pretty much expect them to be. But sometimes, for reasons beyond us, they’re more challenging that we had anticipated. What do you do when you just can’t seem to stick to your diet? Well first of all, figure out why. There could be any number of issues, and each requires its own special remedy.

1. The diet is way too much of a stretch for you Businesswoman try to maintain a healthy diet

If you cut out everything in a rush, you’re pretty much setting yourself up to fail. Having a little less restriction and a longer time-frame in which to achieve the change you want might be the answer.

2. You make all your decisions at all the wrong times Fat sweet, unhealthy meal VS healthy lifestyle and sport. Snacks and fast food on pink background. Copy space

Did you know that there are times of day (and times of the month, am I right ladies?) when your willpower is at an all time low? At these times it’s harder than normal to do the right thing if it’s not also the easiest thing. That’s why, after a long day at work, when faced with the choice to just grab something quickly from a deli counter or go home and slave over the stove for 30 minutes, you’re most likely going to pick the former.

You need to set yourself up for success taking into account times of low willpower. This could mean making meals ahead of time so that when you come home from work all you have to do is reheat something you made earlier; or having a go-to healthy option for when you eat out.

3. You’re lacking motivation and accountability Shot of an attractive young woman cooking at home

Listen up people, motivation and accountability are vital. You can’t get anywhere without them. Get around some people that want to help you achieve your goal with a healthier lifestyle and a slimmer waistline. If you have the opposite, dieting will be impossible. Having the right people around you is the difference between hearing “Oh just go for it, it’s a slice of cheesy pizza, so what?” and “Wait, aren’t you doing that diet thing? Have a salad, I’ll have one with you.”

So what do you think it is? What’s getting in the way of you sticking to your diet, and what are you doing to do about it?

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