What to Eat Pre- and Post-Workout if You’re Vegan

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Knowing what to eat before exercise is challenging period. And that’s before you get into whether or not you have special dietary preferences or not.

All nutritionists will tell you different things, and if you ask your friends, their opinions will differ too.


Some people have to eat before working out because they feel they won’t perform as well, while others (me), can’t stand the idea because of fear they’ll throw up in the middle of the workout, but what all people agree on for sure is that you need to eat something after your workout if you want to reap the full benefits and help your body to recuperate.

Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve compiled a list of things to eat before and after your workout on a vegan diet, because it’s a diet that can make it harder to get some of the most vital nutrients. Take a look!

30-60 minutes before your workout: Toasts from Wholewheat Seeded Bread with Peanut Butter and Banana on the Wooden Board on dark marble background, Healthy Snack Alternative

  • Toast with almond butter and sliced banana

Protein, sugar, carbohydrates

  • Cashew nut smoothie with banana and dates

Protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates

2-4 hours before your workout: A bowl of delicious hearty homemade curried lentil soup.

  • Tofu scramble and baked potato

Slow release carbohydrates, protein

  • Cashew and lentil curry with squash and greens

Slow release carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat

After your workout, you’ll want to rebuild and refuel your muscles, and you need to do within about 30 minutes of ending your workout. If you’re well-prepared you might have a meal ready and waiting, if not, you’ll need to grab a quick snack that contains around 10-20g of carbs and protein.

Snacking after your workout: Two servings of dessert made of chia seeds, milk and strawberries on a gray table. Healthy Breakfast Concept

  • Chia pudding with almond milk and fresh fruit

Protein, carbohydrates

  • Apple slices with almond butter

Healthy fat, carbohydrates, protein

Eating a meal after your workout: Vegan quinoa salad with chickpeas

  • Chickpea and quinoa salad with broccolini

Complex carbohydrates, protein

  • Hummus and black bean tacos

Protein, carbohydrates

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