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Seasonal produce is better. It’s fresher, the taste and quality are better, and it’s a lot more fun to eat with the seasons – you get a ton more variety.
Here’s some of what’s in season in October and how to eat it:

Beets Colorful beets at a farmer's market stand.

For whatever reason, people either love these or can’t stand them. The problem is probably NOT the beets, but the way you eat them. Our personal favourites: roasted and served in a salad or as a side; homemade beet hummus.

Broccoli Broccoli in a pile on a market

Yes, the green, crunchy stuff. You’re probably most familiar with it steamed or boiled, but what about grilling it? Bon Appetite has a delicious grilled broccoli recipe filled with tangy flavour goodness. Try it for yourself!

Figs Close up of some whole and sliced figs.

Maybe not your average everyday fruit, but maybe that’s the problem! They are rich in fibre, naturally sweet, and contain helpful antioxidants. Picture this: the sweetness of figs, creamy fatness of chèvre, and some crunchy pine nuts. An utterly spectacular combination right? Find it here.

Leeks full frame background of stacked leek

It wouldn’t be right to mention leeks without talking about leek and potato soup. As we approach the colder months this is the soup of dreams, and beyond the obvious comfort factor, it offers a variety of other benefits: better heart health, improved vision, stronger bones, and potential weight loss.

Pears Detail top view of a pile of freshly harvested Conference Pears.

Pears are underappreciated. For sure. Not only can they improve your digestion and clear your skin, they’re also rumoured to be immune system boosters. Eat your pears poached, or as part of a salad, with some spinach, blue cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinegar.

Pumpkin Orange Fall Pumpkins Background, Horizontal

Pumpkin is for more than pie, lattes, and jack o lanterns. Why not try something savoury? Slice your pumpkin and grill it with olive oil, feta and oregano, and serve it with a little warm bread. You won’t be disappointed.

Sweet potato Subject: A display of yams

TOAST. It was all anyone would talk about for a while, and we get the hype. Slice it, toast it, mash an avocado on it; or slice it, toast it, smother it in peanut butter and something else that makes your mouth water.

Cucumber Cucumbers in farmer’s market

Pickle it. Slice it up, add some sliced scallions, pour water over the top and add salt, sugar, and your choice of vinegar. These pickled cukes will go great on sandwiches, added to noodle dishes, and as a quick snack when you’re hungry.

What’s your favourite food from the list? Don’t forget you can search for recipes in the recipes tap based on food type. Just enter the name of the ingredient and you’ll get a host of healthy recipes that contain it.

Femi A-Williams is a health and fitness convert trying to reconcile a healthy lifestyle and a happy food life. She is 80% whole grain and 20% donut.

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