What to do When it’s Been a While Since a Workout

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I haven’t been to the gym since February. It’s kind of horrifying to admit. Up until January of this year I’d been on a delightful journey from a goal of hoping to work out once a year to working out 3-5 times a week.

And then life got in the way in the way that it always does, and 5 times became 4 times became 3 times; before I knew it I was making it about every other week.

And now it feels like I’m back to square one. Trying to get back into routine after what feels like forever off.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person this has happened to, so I thought I’d offer a few suggestions of things to try when you’re trying to get back into working out, or simply working up the courage to start a regular workout regime.

Youtube Yoga

Shot of a focused young woman doing a yoga pose from the comfort of home inside during the day

Of all the inventions there ever were, Youtube is probably my favorite. There are endless (and I really mean endless) numbers of workout videos on the tube, ranging from beginner to advanced, so why not start simple and start at home? Pull out a towel or a yoga mat and do your awkward movements, weird breathing, and embarrassing sweating in the comfort of your own home.

Nature’s Own

Because of nature, none of us really have an excuse not to be getting some kind of exercise each day. If you’re not sure you’re ready for full on workouts, just start taking walks each day, or, if you feel up to it, turn those walks into light jogs or runs.

Guided Workouts

When you’re new to working out it can be hard to know what to do, how often, what weight etc. That’s why it’s great to follow a regime you can do on your own at the gym. I tried Kayla Itsines BBG back in 2016, and before my wedding was following Lauren Simpson’s fitness plan. Plans like this make you more confident at the gym and make it clear exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

Workout Classes

Some people don’t like workout classes because they find working out with others intimidating. I’m all about them. A workout class means that a coach is walking you through every move, making sure your posture is right, and pushing you when you feel like giving up. It might be just what you need to get back into gear.

Have you recently decided to get back into working out? How are you going to do it?

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