Top 3 most common exercise excuses and how to crush them

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1. I don’t have time
You’ll have heard this excuse thousand of times, maybe it’s even your own excuse?
Even a half hour of exercise is good to begin with, but to make it easy why not break it up to 10-minute workouts? Take a 10-minute walk in the morning by stepping off the bus earlier, take a 10-minute walk during your lunch break. In the evening, while watching your favorite show on the TV, march, do some jumping jacks or even pushups during the most annoying commercials. See how many you can do in one commercial and challenge yourself!

2. It’s boring
But it doesn’t have to be! You don’t like running? Try biking, swimming, yoga or maybe new classes? Challenge yourself by walking 5000 steps a day (download Moves and sync it with Lifesum to see how many calories you burned) or find something that you enjoy that gets you moving. Let a Personal Trainer come up with some fun workouts or just tag along to the gym with a friend. If you want to get excited about your workout, why not buy new training shoes. If none of those made you a bit more excited why not try to distract yourself by doing your workout watching your favorite show on the TV or during a podcast you listen to? Still boring? Try to reward yourself (no, not with food) after every exercise. Wouldn’t that be a great incentive to continue with your workouts?

3. The gym is too expensive
There are plenty of things you can do outside the gym or even at home. Depending on where you live you can bike, walk, run or even join some free training classes. Become your own personal trainer and watch some YouTube videos on the chosen exercise to learn how to do it efficiently.

So what’s your excuse for not working out?


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