This is why you should work out with a personal trainer

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A year and a half ago, my sister decided to give the whole working out thing a solid try.

She joined a gym around the corner from her office, and with her sign up she received a few personal training sessions.

She raved about them. And I thought it would be apt to share just why, especially when the holidays are here and there are sure to be Groupons and deals on personal training sessions just about everywhere.

1. They’ll help you feel more confident in the gym

When you’re new to working out, it’s very easy to feel intimidated walking in. Lots of machines, lots of muscly people who seem to know what they’re doing, and no real knowledge on your part on what part of your body to work on and exactly how to do it. A personal trainer helps with all of that. Not only will they coach you on how to use all the various types of equipment (properly and safely), they’ll also show you how to workout when targeting specific parts of your body.

2. They’ll push you

Think your working hard enough. Think again. You can pretty much ALWAYS trust a personal trainer to push you to the outer bounds of your limit. With a personal trainer, you’ll set fitness goals, and you’ll never be able to quit when there’s more left in you.

3. You’ll get to figure out what you like

When my sister was going through personal training, her trainer had her doing boxing, which – surprisingly for her – turned out to be something she really enjoyed. When you’re taking classes, it’s easy for you to end up doing the same thing over and over, and when you’re working out alone, it’s harder to try new things. Personal trainers will typically move you around the whole gym giving you a taste of everything, so you’re sure to find something you like.

4. You’re more likely to succeed

There, I said it. When athletes train, they get a trainer. The trainer is able to assess the athletes current state, their ability, their potential, and is able to build a ladder through training that will take them there. Bodybuilders do this too; working with someone who can help them with everything from diet and posing to exercise. The truth of the matter is that it is always going to be easier to succeed if there’s someone telling you how to do it, holding you accountable, and walking through every step with you.

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