This is What A Healthy Breakfast Looks Like

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Trying to change the way you eat is intimidating. What do you change and do you change it all at the same time? Is a smoothie bowl a realistic breakfast idea for your busy-run-out-the-door-5-minutes-late mornings? Or do you need something a little cheaper and a little less time consuming?

We’re here to make it as simple for you as possible to eat a healthy breakfast, without emptying your wallet or making you lose the will to live.

Keep it Fresh
Skip anything that has microwave or toaster instructions on the back (yes, we’re talking about pop tarts). You need fresh foods. They can be canned or jarred, but they need to require more input than pressing a few numbers on a screen (sorry).

Go for Whole Foods
This is tied to point one. But this doesn’t just apply to breakfast – go for whole foods whenever possible. Whole foods have been processed and refined less which means they contain more helpful nutrients for your body and are less calorie dense. These are foods as close to their natural state as possible.

Be Generous
We get that you’re watching your weight, but a crisp bread with Philadelphia is NOT enough. Portion size is just as important as ingredient quality and starving yourself is not helpful. Don’t max out on breakfast (see the next point) but do make sure your stomach isn’t rumbling post breakfast or an hour later.

Think light, but still filling
You know the feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner? That’s NOT what you’re going for here. Satisfied is the key word. You shouldn’t feel hungry OR like you’re going to explode, you should feel content. Starchy foods (potatoes, rice, bread) will weigh you down, so go for foods that energise you.

Eat healthy fat, but not too much
Fat is great for breakfast! Just choose the right kind – think avocados, nuts, eggs, fish, and cottage cheese, rather than butter and cream.

Go natural
We know you like your coffee. But we think you like the creamer and sugar more, which is a shame because they’re not your friends. A big sugar spike in the morning might feel great at first, but once the sugar is gone you can expect a pretty serious dip and cravings for something you’ll regret later. Go for almond or coconut milk which have their own natural (and less sugary) sweetness to them.

Add greens
Why wouldn’t you? Vegetables are the best! They’re minimally processed, pretty cheap, and full of vital vitamins, fiber and low-carb goodness. Fill your plate with them!

Make it appetizing and delicious
Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it has to be boring and tasteless. You should want to eat it, so if eating it feels like punishment then think about something else.


5 Healthy Breakfasts in 10 Minutes or Less

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