Things to do if you can’t focus at work or school

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Exhaustion is real, but sometimes it’s focus, not tiredness, that’s the real problem. How can you overcome a lack of focus and become more productive? When you’re struggling to focus, it can be any number of things: tiredness, confusion or an unwillingness to tackle a task, too many distractions, stress, diet – we’re here to help with that.

If it’s stress Exhausted student girl lying on the floor among textbooks, tests and gadgets, copy space. Woman holding head with hands, got tired while preparing for exams. Education and overworking concept

Kind of funny to think that stress about a task you have to do could be causing your lack of focus on that very task. But stress doesn’t just have to be work-related, it could also be family related, or the results of PTSD. If it’s the latter, the best thing you should do is seek professional help as it’s not a quick fix. If it’s one of the other two though, our recommendation is to do the following: Break down your stressors into lists; things you can do something about immediately, things you can do something about in a few hours, weeks or days, and things you can’t do anything about. The first list is your focus; do what you can do immediately and then break down the task you need to focus on into smaller, manageable tasks, with allotted time periods, and take breaks after each task. You can do this!

If it’s tiredness Young tired working woman at work

Everyone needs a break. That includes you. If you’re even the least bit drowsy, it’s usually the sign of a lack of sleep. Everyone is different, so it’s not as simple as saying 8 hours or 10 hours, but start with getting more. Add an extra 30 minutes to your usual sleep time and see how that feels. If you’re still feeling sleepy during the day, add another 30 minutes. Continue like this until you feel like you’ve found the optimum amount of sleep per night, but be careful not to overdo it, too much sleep can be just as bad as not enough.

If it’s diet Teenage girl lying on bed in her room and studying. She is using computer to help her for researching. Eating cookie for snack. Evening or night with beautiful yellow lights lightning the scenes.

While you might not think so, or just don’t notice it, food affects mood, memory, clarity and ability to focus. You need less sugar and empty carbs, as these make you more lethargic; and more blueberries, avocados, leafy greens, fatty fish, dark chocolate, and nuts. These altogether will offer you antioxidants, caffeine, and carotenoids; a healthy cocktail of natural substances guaranteed to help you focus.

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