These are the exercises you should do to boost your endorphins right now

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You’re feeling low, feeling a little tired, or simply feeling a little stuck. Sounds like you might need a little exercise.

Well, what exactly do you do? Before we tell you exactly what, here’s a little information that you need to know:

It is true that exercising makes you feel better.

One study back in 2017 found that feelings of anger, depression and tension were reduced after exercise. So if you’re feeling down and out, tired, or just distracted, exercise might be the answer.

No one exercise makes you happier than another.

Now, even though it is true that exercise does boost your mood; the truth is that there is not one exercise that boosts moods more than another. That said, there are some exercises that make YOU happier than others.

Exercises which you enjoy the challenge of

Which exercises have you done which challenge you mentally to push yourself? It could be something like rock climbing, where you need extreme mental focus in order to know how to make your next move. Or it could be something like barre, where you need to tell yourself that you can, in fact, hold that difficult position for another 10 seconds, even if it feels like you can’t.

Exercises where you can easily see your progress

When we see growth, it’s hard not to be motivated to continue to move forward. Workouts which enable you to quickly see how well you’re doing are going to be the ones you enjoy the most. These tend to be endurance, time, or size/weight based; e.g. lifting 10 lbs heavier at the gym, or running 1 mile further. What kind of workout makes you feel the most successful? That’s going to be the one you enjoy the most.

Exercises which make you see more of what your body is capable of

Marveling at our bodies and what they are capable of is a very rare and underrated thing. Most mothers experience it after childbirth, and athletes experience it when they PR; but the rest of us rarely get the opportunity. The workouts in which you push your body to new limits (carefully and successfully) are going to be the ones that bring you the most satisfaction. You’ll get to see your body for the powerhouse it is, which in turn will encourage pride and gratitude for what you have.

So there you have it: your own personal guide to getting an endorphin high. Now go get those endorphins!

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