These Are The Best Post-Workout Meals

These Are The Best Post-Workout Meals Lifesum

Apparently I am not the only one left feeling ravenous after a workout.

You get home after an intense leg session. You’re sweaty, and thirsty, but most of all you are hungry. What do you eat?

As with most things, Instagram knows the answer. Here’s what 4 fitstagrammers eat for a well-earned post workout meal.

After hot kickboxing…


@leahsplate: homemade guacamole, scrambled eggs, refried black beans, and hot sauce on a grain-free almond flour tortilla.

After a Lagree Fitness session…


@whatrobineats: toast four ways. With cream cheese, banana, cinnamon and peanut butter; with asparagus and scrambled egg whites; with avocados, prosciutto and fried egg; and with yogurt, orange, chocolate and coconut flakes.

After any good sweat…


@shaylaquinn: chilled watermelon. Simple is good!

After yoga…


@twist_of_lemons: GREENS!

Sweat, nourish, rest, and repeat!

/Femi, The Girl Who Hates Working Out

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